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Brother TrustSense™ wristband and label printers are designed to ensure accurate patient identification and optimal patient safety ‒ from hospital admission to all points of care

BROOMFIELD, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc. (BMS) a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brother International Corporation and premier provider of mobile and desktop thermal printing products, announces that it will showcase its Cerner-certified TrustSense™ healthcare patient ID printing solution at the Cerner Health Conference 2014, November 2-5 in Kansas City, Missouri. Developed in partnership with PDC Healthcare, the mobile solution provides on-demand wristband and label printing virtually anywhere in the hospital.

In August, Brother received notification from Cerner’s Technology Certification Lab (CTL) that TrustSense TD-2130NHC thermal printers running ZPL printer language emulation and firmware revision v1.03_r3 or above have been classified as Certified* devices for use by Cerner clients.

The Brother TD2 series healthcare thermal printer with TrustSense smart technology prints crisp and accurately imaged wristbands and labels at virtually any hospital point of care location – from the admissions desk and ER, to a rolling cart at the patient bedside, to the blood lab and surgical suite.

“The printer’s wireless, mobile format enables clinicians to accurately identify patients and administer care directly where it is needed, saving time and reducing the risk of disruptions that can potentially lead to manual and human errors,” said David Crist, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Brother Mobile Solutions.

“With the ever-growing utilization of healthcare services, it becomes even more critical that everything possible is done to accurately identify patients as required by the five rights ‒ the right patient, right drug, right dose, right route and right time,” Crist continued. “We believe our TrustSense patient ID printing solution helps to ensure that best healthcare practices are followed and that patient safety rights are protected.”

Increased Workflow Efficiency

In addition to protecting patient safety, the Brother TD-2130NHC printer with TrustSense technology also offers speed and versatility, which help increase workflow efficiency and reduce downtime. Unlike standard thermal printers, these versatile printers allow users to load and print both wristbands and labels without special set-up or calibration.

Once loaded, the printer validates the PDC Healthcare “smart media” before printing. The TD-2130NHC printer has a compact footprint with built-in LAN interface and quickly prints accurate, high-resolution barcodes (300 dpi) and text. Optional Li-ion battery, WLAN, or Bluetooth interface and touch panel display are also available for even more versatility.

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*Cerner Certification is valid for the Brother model TD-2130NHC thermal printer running ZPL printer language emulation and firmware revision v1.03_r3 or above.

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