It’s a simple fact that consumers are demanding more information today than ever before about the products they use or are considering using. And they want easy access to the information that’s important to them. In this Age of Information, retail labels that attract attention, inform consumers, and protect merchandise are vital to a product’s success. We know great labeling drives successful sales. Yet far too many companies miss the opportunity to stand out from the masses with labels that sell. Right-sized, brightly colored, eye-catching shelf and product labels that stay put, wear well, and tell a product’s story are the ones that can make the sale. But getting it wrong carries a high direct cost. Weak copy, careless design, and inferior materials leave your product vulnerable to more dynamic, compelling product labeling by your competitors.

Another important aspect of thoughtful product labeling is its ability to measure product performance. Tracking sales and product inventory and wirelessly transmitting information is critical to the efficient operation of your business.

And while great label design drives sales and measures performance, it also protects your products from theft and price switching – an increasingly common occurrence in today’s marketplace that costs retailers and their customers billions of dollars annually.

So, the truth is, to satisfy the demands of the savvy consumer, today’s retail labeling must provide:

  • Information that DEFINES
  • Information that PERSUADES
  • Information that MOVES PRODUCT
  • Information that MEASURES PERFORMANCE
  • Information that PROTECTS MERCHANDISE

But product information is only worth something if it reaches its intended audience. With on-demand labeling solutions backed with anti-theft and product tracking features and dynamic designs and styles tailored to your specific needs, Brother Mobile Solutions is your go-to mobile labeling partner for today’s retail marketplace.

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