Product counterfeiting. Label switching. Warranty tampering. Vandalism. Such crimes cost companies billions of dollars in financial losses each year, not just from direct theft, but also by the insidious erosion of brand integrity and consumer confidence.

To protect yourself and your business from loss, multiple levels of security must be employed, and Brother Mobile Solutions’ security labels provide a cost-effective first line of defense for assets in virtually every industry.

Simple, Effective Design
Brother Mobile Solutions’ tamper-evident security labels are designed to provide visual evidence of unauthorized access to assets. This is achieved by a multi-layer production process which results in a label that, when removed, leaves behind an obvious patterned residue. Further, the removed portion of the label is rendered impossible to be re-affixed to another product.

Effective on a wide range of surfaces and materials, Brother labels utilize materials that are waterproof, grease-resistant, and durable in extreme hot and cold environments. Combined with highly customizable options such as numbering, barcoding, logos, sizing and colors, these labels can be used to complement and enhance your brand image.

Three-fold Security
The most obvious use for Brother security labels is as a visual deterrent where the label is applied directly to the product in a highly visible location. Next, Brother labels act as a warranty seal when applied discreetly to product casing to discourage unauthorized access to sensitive components. And finally, to prevent tampering from the outside in, security labels can be applied to the exterior of a product’s packaging as a security seal.

Brother’s tamper-evident labels are designed to prevent unauthorized access to high-value assets – whether valued for their high cost or their sensitive nature. For example, tamper-evident labels are invaluable in:

  • Government
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Pharmacies
  • Education
  • Warehouse
  • Military
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Electronics and Other High-Value Consumer Goods

Tamper-evident labels are also often required by insurance and regulatory agencies to ensure protection of assets. And contractors with military organizations may also be required to employ security labeling as part of their anti-tampering protocol.

Why use security labeling?
In summary, tamper-evident labels are the most proven, simplest, cost-effective way to protect your brand – and your peace of mind.

Use Brother Mobile Solutions security labels to:

  • Prevent Theft
  • Track Inventory
  • Prevent Counterfeiting
  • Authenticate Genuine Parts
  • Prevent Tampering and Vandalism
  • Protect Your Brand

Consult the experts at Brother Mobile Solutions for advice on selecting the right label for your specific requirements.

By Ann Iten
Sr. Product Manager – Supplies & Service at Brother Mobile Solutions

This post originally appeared here.

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