The concept of electronic citations is not new. In fact, a variety of standalone eCitation software applications have been out there for nearly a decade now, used as automation tools by public safety agencies and their traffic and highway patrol officers. But just as many other industrial automation applications have grown and evolved over the years, so has eCitation. Newer systems aspire to deliver seamless continuity and integration when utilized by officers on the road. They are also meant to ease the job of citation processing by the city or county clerk, judicial system and courts.

How has the landscape changed? Well, unlike the discrete, siloed systems of yesteryear, next-generation eCitation systems are fully Internet-enabled. This means they are offering broader scope,  expanded functionality, ease of use and reliability. These improvements are largely due to technology advances in wireless networking and connectivity, as well as product innovations pioneered by industry-leading application developers and manufacturers of electronic devices such as smartphones, ruggedized tablet computers and smart mobile wireless printers.

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