[VIDEO] Senior Product Mgr. Duane Yamashita: 3 Things I Love About New Brother 4” Desktop Direct Thermal Printers

by Brother Mobile Solutions | May 13, 2019

Brother Mobile Solutions recently launched a new era of 4” Desktop Direct Thermal Printers in response to the growing demands on today’s small and mid-sized businesses, particularly those in the booming industry of ecommerce. With the right levels of performance, quality, integrations, and affordability, these precision-built printers deliver powerful desktop printing that doesn’t come at a price.

Hear from our Senior Product Manager Duane Yamashita as he describes a few of his favorite features on this new lineup of high-performing, high-value printers. Find out firsthand why these devices are the right fit for SMB ecommerce applications in areas like:




Ease of use

Customer support

Learn more about the new 4” Desktop Direct Thermal Printers and the ways they support efficiency (while minimizing costs) in the modern supply chain.

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