[VIDEO] A Growing Business Overhauls Asset Management with Laminated Labels & Barcodes

by Brother Mobile Solutions | January 7, 2020

Any Screen Inc. discovers the speed, ease, and flexibility of the PT-P900W laminate label printer

Any Screen Inc. is a live event production company that delivers event and audio/visual services and technology for meetings, shows, corporate conferences, and other live events. With roughly 1,500 inventory items used for different events throughout the year, Any Screen faced the challenge of tracking every single item to successfully manage both their inventory and their business.

Because the success of their business depends largely on their many pieces of technology, equipment, and components, Any Screen needed a way to quickly, easily, and accurately barcode these inventory items. This would allow them to record every item in the inventory tracking system and seamlessly scan items in and out of inventory as they were used for various events.

With the Brother PT-P900W laminate label printer, Any Screen found the easy, efficient, and flexible barcode labeling solution they needed to keep inventory on track and keep business going strong. Watch to see how Any Screen uses the PT-P900W to: 

Design custom barcode labels with P-touch Editor

Use a variety of tapes for different labeling needs (including extra-strength adhesive Tapes and flexible ID tapes)

Print one or many labels quickly and efficiently

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