P-touch EDGE: Get Started Labeling

PT-E550W Handheld Industrial Labeler: Resources to Get You Started

How-to videos for P-touch EDGE


Questions about setup, compatible mobile apps, or other device features? Our experts are here to guide you with all your setup and labeling needs.

Guides & Resources for P-Touch products

Guides & Resources

Download the latest drivers, manuals, specs, and more. Visit our support page for a variety of easy-to-follow user and software guides.


How do you set up the Wi-Fi?

To set up the Wi-Fi on your 550W, follow these simple steps – Watch the video >>

How do you connect the EDGE Handheld Labeler to a mobile device?

  1. Go into your device’s settings, select Wi-Fi
  2. Select the name of the wifi you set up on your labeler
  3. Enter password or follow these simple steps in our instructional video – Watch the video >>

What Android™️ and iOS® mobile application can I use with the 550W?

For the details of the application, please refer to each application page on Google Play™️. Available models vary depending on your country.


How do you use the Cable Wrap feature?

Watch this video and follow these simple steps to start using the Cable Wrap feature.

Premium Brother Supplies

The Brother P-touch laminated label tapes are made with the industrial pro in mind. Built to last and tested to the extreme. Explore the range of preloaded label cartridges and find the right tape for your job.

Software and apps for p-touch

Software and Apps

Find the software information and downloads you need to get the most out of your labeler– all in one, convenient place.

Software and apps for p-touch

Mounts & Carrying Cases

Your Brother EDGE Industrial Handheld Labeler comes in a durable carrying case, complete with two starter tapes, a rechargeable battery, AC adapter, and USB cable. Contact one of our experts for additional supplies and accessories.

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Printer Registration

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