Standalone Handheld Industrial Laminate Labeler (up to 18mm labels)

Now, you can have durability and affordability with a single industrial labeling tool.

The PT-E300M is a tough, intuitive machine that makes printing labels easy for your entire crew. Producing sharp text and graphics on laminated labels that stand the test of time, this model is also compatible with heat-shrink tubes.

Key Features

  • QWERTY-style keyboard + 15 character, 2-line, backlit LCD screen
  • Label application keys for cable wrap/flag, faceplate, serialized, and other labels
  • Extremely durable, laminated easy-peel labels, including heat-shrink tube
  • Up to 20mm per second print speed + 5 lines of print
  • Compatibility with HGe and TZe laminated tape cassettes
  • 5 label sizes from 3.5mm to 18mm
  • 384 industrial symbols
  • Barcode label printing solution
  •  2-Year Premier Limited Warranty
Feature PT-E300M
Tape Line    HGe, TZe, HSe
Tape Width  3.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm
Heat Shrink Tube             Yes
Max. Print Resolution   180 dpi
Max. Print Height            15.8mm
Print Speed        up to 0.8 ips (Adapter or Battery)
Print Preview    WYSIWYG
Display 15 Character x 2 Line Backlit
Tape Cutter Manual
Power Source: Batteries 1 6 “AA”
Rechargeable Battery 1 Li-ion
Power Source: AC Adapter 1 AD-E001
Number of Lines 5
Keyboard            QWERTY
Rotate Printing Yes
Fonts     7
Download Feature         
Type Sizes 8
Type Widths 4
Type Styles 11
Auto Formats    Yes
Number of Symbols 384
Bar Codes 9
Repeat Printing up to 50 copies
Serialization 1-50, A-Z, a-z
Multi-Block Yes
Text Insert Yes
Memory 50 files or 2,400 characters
Label Length Setting Yes
Mirror Printing
Vertical Printing Yes
Label Design Software 
Multilingual Yes
(PC) Connectivity
Operating Systems 2 Yes
Unit Weight 3 1.63 lbs.
UPC Code 0 12502 65676 0
Warranty 4  2-Year Premier Limited Warranty

All specifications subject to change without notice.
Requires additional purchase.
See system requirements on www.brother.com.
Without tape and battery.
Visit http://www.brother.com for complete details.

HGe Tapes

  • HGe tape is a new tape designed for commercial and industrial labeling applications. It provides enhanced speed on EDGE E-Series models. These labels stay on under both normal conditions and in harsh indoor and outdoor environments. Recommended for use on textured, rough or uneven surfaces. Great for slippery painted metal items or powder coated surfaces. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Extra-Strength Adhesive Tapes

  • Extra-strength adhesive tapes in five-piece bulk packaging, designed for use on plastics, textured and hard-to-stick surfaces.

Standard Adhesive Tapes

  • Standard adhesive tapes in five-piece bulk packaging, designed for use on smooth and flat surfaces.

HSe (heat-shrink tube)

  • Only for PT-E300(M) and later E-Series models, as well as the PT-P750WVP; will not work in other models. HSe tube is a printable heat-shrink tubing designed for the model PT-E300, later E-Series handheld labeling tools, and the PT-P750WVP to mark cables, fiber, and wires. Available in a variety of colors and sizes. WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

TZe Tapes

  • TZe tapes are compatible with all P-touch EDGE models, as well as all other P-touch TZe-compatible labelers.

Flexible ID Tapes

  • Individually packaged tapes designed for wrap-around labels and adhesive-to-adhesive flag labels.

Extra-Strength Adhesive Tapes

  • Individual tapes designed for plastics and textured surfaces.

Standard Adhesive Tapes

  • Standard adhesive tapes in individual packaging, designed for use on smooth and flat surfaces.

Tamper-Evident Tapes

  • Individually packaged tapes designed to reveal a security pattern when the label is removed or disturbed.

Stencil Tapes

  • Non-adhesive tapes designed to mask ink or special fluids for direct part marking.

Super-Narrow Non-Laminated Tapes

  • Non-laminated tapes perfect for labeling CD case spines and other narrow spaces.

Custom sizes and materials with art are available. Please contact us for information on additional supply options, or to receive a quote for custom media.