Powerful IoT management and security for your Brother printers

Reduce deployment time and gain real-time control over supported Brother printers with SOTI Connect.

Manage and secure large deployments of printers with SOTI Connect

Enterprises like yours count on desktop and mobile printers to help improve operational efficiency and security so your business can keep moving – fast. SOTI Connect is an IoT management solution built for the enterprise. SOTI Connect provides complete lifecycle management for your supported Brother printers. Minimize downtime, boost security, and help lower total cost of ownership of your business-critical printers.

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Gain visibility and control

Keep business-critical printers visible in the SOTI Connect dashboard, a single pane of glass to manage and maintain all of your printers.

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Simplify firmware updates

Push firmware updates to all of your connected printers remotely with minimal effort and time.

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Monitor and change settings

Adjust configurations and settings remotely to maintain print consistency and ensure optimal print quality.

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Maintain printer performance

Help save time and money. Ensure your printers work optimally by collecting and analyzing data in real time, including printer health, battery level, and more.

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Reduce downtime and disruptions

Stay ahead of end-user needs by setting custom automation rules to issue alerts for pre-defined conditions, keeping you in complete control.

Key SOTI Connect features

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Multi-protocol support

Support compatible Brother RuggedJet mobile printers and TD desktop thermal printers, along with multiple IoT protocols, including MQTT and REST API.

Easy Enrollment

Easy enrollment

Automatically discover new Brother printers and other IoT devices on the network and have them configured and deployed within minutes.

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Advanced data collection

Optimize the purchasing and maintenance of Brother printers and other IoT devices based on real-time data.

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Automation rules

Set automation rules to alert IT of problems even before they occur and prevent device downtime.

Cost savings across all of your printers

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Simplify the management of deployed printers at multiple locations from the ‘front-of-house’ to the ‘back-of-house’ and everywhere in between. Enable your IT staff to monitor and quickly update one printer, or a whole fleet of printers – attended or unattended – from a single dashboard.

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Gain valuable insight into printer performance and easily manage and update deployed printers anywhere in your warehouse and at multiple points in your operation. With SOTI Connect, IT professionals can monitor and update one or multiple printers remotely, helping improve overall warehouse efficiency, eliminate downtime, and optimize operations.

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With a truly connected production line that includes mission-critical printers, manufacturers can build agility and stay competitive in an increasingly fast-paced industry. Rely on real-time information into printer status and performance to drive productivity in mid- to short-run applications.

SOTI Executive Q&A

The time is NOW for IoT Mobile Device Management

See how SOTI and Brother bring true IoT device management to business printers that require maximum up time. Learn about the strategic partnership in this executive Q&A, then see how speed-of-light enterprises can benefit from SOTI Connect on Brother printers.

Find compatible printing solutions to meet your needs


RuggedJet 2 Mobile Printer

RJ-2050, RJ-2140, and RJ-2150 mobile printers are super small and ultra-durable – printing 1” to 2” labels, tags, and receipts.


RuggedJet 3 Mobile Printer

RJ-3050Ai and RJ-3150Ai MFi-certified mobile printers give on-the-go workforces total mobile versatility – printing 1” to 3” labels, tags, and receipts.

RuggedJet 4

RuggedJet 4 Mobile Printer

RuggedJet 4250WB ultra-rugged mobile printer is built to withstand the most demanding applications without giving up on top-notch performance.


2" Desktop Thermal Printers

TD-2120N and TD-2130N two-inch desktop thermal printers deliver powerful printing of 2″ labels, tags, receipts, and wristbands – all in a conveniently compact footprint.


4” Desktop Thermal Printers

TD-4420N and TD4550DNWB four-inch desktop thermal printers combine leading speed, performance, and reliability, cutting upfront costs and increasing your ROI.

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