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Secondary GHS Labeling

Support compliance and clearly inform workers of bottle contents and hazards.

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Communicate clearly with secondary GHS labels

Your secondary GHS labeling needs are always changing as you replace chemicals or introduce new ones. Keep up without lead-times or delays. Clearly identify chemicals and help keep your workers safe.

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Get compliant Secondary GHS labeling with these critical elements

  1. Product identifier

    Clearly identify the chemical product and name

  2. Signal words

    Immediately indicate the hazard level (e.g., “Danger” and “Warning”)

  3. Hazard statements

    Show the nature and degree of hazardous products

  4. Precautionary statements

    Provide general precautions for prevention, response, storage, or disposal associated with chemicals and hazards

  5. GHS pictograms

    Visually identify hazardous products by chemical, physical risk, health risk, and environmental risk

  6. Supplier information

    Communicate the manufacturer’s name, address, and telephone number

  7. Durable labels

    Rely on your secondary GHS labels to hold up, even in the harshest industrial environments

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Build your on-demand safety labeling solution

Help protect your workers and comply with the latest regulations – in just a few clicks. With on-demand safety labeling solutions from Brother Mobile Solutions, you get the printers, software, and supplies you need to create clear, durable safety signage. When and where you need it.

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The components of your secondary GHS labeling solution

Meet the software, supplies, and printer that work together to deliver superior on-demand safety labels and signs for secondary GHS labeling and more.

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LabelSuite™ design software

Discover a user-friendly interface, a huge library of templates, and integrated labeling design assistants for the ease and customization it takes to make compliant secondary GHS labels.

  • Virtual software design assistant: Answer a series of simple questions, and the virtual assistant guides you through your label design
  • ANSI-compliant details: Get help designing the right label sizes, fonts, arrows, colors, and formats you need to follow industry standards
  • Ready-to-go templates: Access a library of recommended templates for specific secondary GHS applications
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Secondary GHS labels and ribbons

Choose from a wide variety of pre-printed, customizable labels and ribbons to meet your specific secondary GHS needs. Find colors and options designed to support compliance, with reliable materials that withstand the toughest jobs.

  • Labels available in 2in x 3in, 3in x 4.5in, and 4in x 6in sizes
  • Labels available with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 red diamond pictogram pre-printed formats
  • Ribbons available in black
TD4 desktop printer printing safety signage


High-resolution safety label printer with Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® wireless technology

The Brother TD-4750TNWBCS 4-inch facility and safety label printer lets you print secondary GHS labels, safety labels, and so much more – all on demand. Proven thermal transfer print technology and 300dpi produce high-resolution labels made to last.

  • Integrated cutter: Print and apply, no scissors needed
  • Drop-in design: Seamless set-up that lets you get printing quickly
  • Software compatibility: Integrate with top WMS, manufacturing, & other solutions
  • Two-year Premier Limited Warranty: Leading protection over your printer investment

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