Brother Assure Extended Limited Warranty Services

Brother Mobile Solutions is consistently “at your side” with innovative products that help today’s on-the-go businesses. And, we’re going a step further with Brother Assure Extended Limited Warranty Services. Our extended limited warranty programs let you receive our highest level of service and support, even after the standard manufacturer’s limited warranty period has ended.

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Brother Assure Service Program

It’s one of the industry’s most comprehensive out-of-box and extended limited warranty programs. Along with two-year coverage on most models (including printheads4) and even optional five-year coverage, you’ll enjoy:


Enhanced productivity


Reduced downtime from printer failure


Less IT burden, with easy integration

Peace of mind

1-Year Select Limited Warranty

PocketJet 7

1yr Warranty Statement: EN | FR

1-year Limited Warranty Statement: EN | FR

2-Year Premier Limited Warranty


2-year Limited Warranty Statement: EN | FR

Brother Titan Industrial Printer 2yr Limited Warranty Statement: EN | FR

Additional Services Offered

Brother Mobile Solutions printers come with either a One-year Select or Two-year Premier limited factory warranty. All warranty repairs are performed by Brother certified printer technicians at our state-of-the-art repair facility in Bartlett, TN. Take advantage of the option to add up to four years of additional coverage (maximum five years total) to protect your printer with the industry’s most affordable rates.

Advanced Exchange Service

With Select Plus and Premier Plus service, Brother will ship you a replacement printer in advance of your repair. Simply place your broken unit in the box that your replacement printer arrives in, affix the return label, and ship the unit back to Brother for repair2,3. Your downtime is hours and not days!

Upgrade Your Select or Premier Limited Warranty to Plus to experience more benefits:

  • VIP Technical Support line
  • Same-day swap shipment
  • Managed swap pool
  • Accidental physical damage coverage

See below for details

Tech Support for Life

Get free phone support for the life of your product. Call (800) 255-0415, visit, or email [email protected]

Extended Coverage Meets Flexibility

You can add up to five years of total coverage at any time while your printer is still under warranty.  Add it today, add it a year from now.  You have the flexibility to decide when and what is right for you. Our upgrade and extension pricing is the envy of the industry which is just another way that Brother is “at your side”.

Upgrade to Onsite Services

Upgrade your warranty plan to minimize downtime and keep your operation moving. Get expert repair service for your Brother Titan Industrial Printer right from your site – in 48 hours or less. And if your service cannot be scheduled within 48 hours, Brother will overnight ship a loaner printer to your site until the repair can be completed.

Printhead Perks

Expect unlimited printhead replacements for your Brother mobile and desktop printers while under warranty. And for your high-volume Industrial tabletop printers, get replacement printheads at up to 56% off the list price while the machine is under warranty.

Standard & Assure Extended Limited Warranties At-a-Glance







Term Extension






Free Technical Support via Phone for the Life of Your Printer

VIP 1-800 Technical Support Hotline

Covered Parts & Labor

Cleaning & Preventative Maintenance

Technician Dispatch for On-site Service 

2-Day Turnaround for Repairs

5-Day Turnaround for Repairs

Same-Day Shipping2

BMS Managed Exchange Pool of Printers

Accidental Physical Damage3

Free Inbound Shipment

Printhead Perks












Brother Titan Industrial Printer4







Manufacturer Defects
(all parts and labor)

Mechanical Failure

Liquid Spills6

Physical Damage
(cosmetic, drops, breakage)

Wear & Tear6

1 Customer is responsible for inbound shipment cost to Brother Mobile Solutions with Select Service.
2 Service times may be impacted by part availability.
3 Same day by 3PM Central Time within the U.S.; 48 hours shipment for Canadian customers.
4 On Brother Titan Industrial Printer models, the printhead is covered up to 2 years or 1 million linear inches, whichever comes first.
5 Maximum combined service period is 5 years.
6 “Liquid spills” and “Wear and tear”: Refer to warranty statement above for details.
7 Printhead not covered for physical damage.
8 MPrint not available in Canada.
9 Printheads must reach 1 million linear inches and be under warranty to be eligible for a discounted replacement. Discount prices vary by printhead.

Need Information or Extra Support?

Talk to a specialist about your existing warranty or get more details on our program and various service options.

(800) 543-6144

(800) 255-0415


What are the benefits of purchasing Brother Assure Service?

Purchasing Brother Assure Service will ensure that your printer will always be in top working condition after your initial standard warranty has expired. By purchasing Brother Assure Service, you can be assured that when you return your printer to Brother Mobile Solutions certified repair center, you will receive optimum care by trained factory technicians who will restore your printer to factory specifications. Products are diagnosed and restored to factory specifications via: Repairs, alignments, adjustments and restorations, if appropriate, of any covered product(s) that malfunction while being used within the operational and environmental parameters specified by Brother Mobile Solutions.

What are the coverage options through Brother Assure Service?

Brother Mobile Solutions offers four coverage options you can choose from, with 1 year to 3 years available with maximum coverage of 5 years.

What are the differences between the four options of Brother Assure Service?

The four options are: Select Service, Select PLUS, Premier and Premier PLUS

Select Service is a standard extended limited warranty that covers manufacture defects, all parts and labor, printer cleaning and maintenance, but does not cover damage due to accidents. Repairs will be done within 5-days of receipt of printer and shipped back via Ground service at no cost. Inbound printer freight back to Brother Mobile Solutions is paid by customer.

Select PLUS is the same coverage as Select, PLUS a 24 hour exchange program, guaranteeing a working printer from Brother’s refurbished printer inventory shipped out same day* via overnight service. Inbound and outbound printer freight is paid for by Brother Mobile Solutions.

Premier is full comprehensive coverage for your printer that will cover all manufacture defects, all parts and labor, printer cleaning and maintenance as well as accidental damage and liquid spills. Repairs will be done within 2- days of receipt of printer and shipped back via Ground service. Inbound and outbound printer freight is paid for by Brother Mobile Solutions.

Premier PLUS is your ultimate coverage, with a 24 hour exchange program, guaranteeing a working printer from the BMS printer pool shipped out same day* via overnight service. Premier PLUS covers all on the job accidental damage and liquid spills. Inbound and outbound printer freight is paid for by Brother Mobile Solutions.

* Exchange printers will be shipped out same day before 3pm Central Time.

What is the deadline to purchase the Brother Assure Service Program?

The Brother Assure Service Program can be extended at any time while the printer is still within coverage. Ask an associate for more details.

Who do I contact if my printer needs repair if I am covered by Brother Assure Service?

Contact Brother at 1-800-255-0415 or e-mail [email protected] for an RMA (Return to Manufacturer Authorization) to return the product for repair. Have your serial number ready and a technician will try and troubleshoot your technical issue and if a repair is necessary, they will issue an RMA number. The RMA number is used to track your product throughout the repair process. You may begin your RMA process by either calling or emailing Brother, Monday through Friday 8AM – 5PM Central Standard Time.

What if I didn’t purchase Brother Select Service and my original limited warranty has expired, who do I call and what do I do?

Brother Mobile Solutions offers service and repair for out of warranty printers. Contact 1-800-255-0415 or e-mail [email protected] and you will be provided a price quote for repairing your printer or contact your Brother Mobile Solutions representative for a price list for out of warranty flat rate repair costs.

What if I have a printer that has been discontinued but I need service for it?

Brother Mobile Solutions typically supports a product for a minimum of three years after discontinuation. The ability to continue to offer product support is dependent upon availability of spare parts and vendor obsolescence issue that are beyond BMS’s control. Contact your Brother Mobile Solutions representative for more information.