Printing and Labeling Solutions for Electrical

Get powerful, portable labeling solutions that let you design and print accurate heat-shrink tube, safety panel and breaker identification labels when you need them most.

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Powerful tools for productive jobsite management

To keep a competitive edge, you need to increase jobsite efficiency, ensure safety and compliance, and control costs. With easy, on-demand labeling solutions, you get what you need to save time, manage projects like a pro, and print accurate electrical labels that last.

Simplicity on the job site for electricians

Extreme simplicity

Labeling tools that are remarkably easy to use – with intuitive menus and built-in label application keys. Create and produce professional labels in seconds, without ever reading a manual.

Improved Electrical Project Accuracy

Improved project accuracy

Smart keys for common label types, built-in templates and symbols, and advanced connectivity options. Accurately label even the largest electrical jobs – and simplify future changes.
Label Durability from P-Touch Series

Unmatched label durability

Durable laminated labels that remain affixed and clearly readable for years. Resistant to abrasion, harsh UV exposure, extreme heat or cold, grease, water, grit, grime, and industrial solvents.
Affordable P-Touch Label Printers


A variety of industrial models with the features and functionality to meet the needs of contractors large and small. Plus, tape cassettes that hold larger capacity than competitive models for even greater affordability.
P-Touch Label Printers - Laminated Label Printer

Convenience and efficiency for your customers and crew

Instantly print laminated labels for:

  • Wires
  • Cables
  • Electrical boxes and panels
  • Faceplates
  • Outlet covers
  • Ports
  • Circuit breakers
  • Conduit/pipe Marking
  • Load centers
  • Safety labels
  • Sequentially numbered connections
  • Warning/danger labels
  • Pipes
  • Patch panels
  • Equipment and racks
  • Main/sub Panels
  • Grounding/bonding
  • Terminal blocks/strips
  • Heat shrink tube
  • And more

[VIDEO] How to Reduce OSHA Violations & Improve Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Find out how a personalized lockout/tagout program with on-demand photo ID label printers can help avoid problems, improve productivity, and reduce violations.

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Mobile Cable Label Tool - Mobile Phone App

Mobile Cable Label Tool

Mobile Cable Label Tool is a free mobile app designed to create labels for telecom, datacom and/or electrical identifications on demand. It enables you to easily print labels from your iOS and Android devices to a Brother label printer using a local wireless network.

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Datacom and electrical pros know certification and continued education help them grow their careers. Our online training gives you the tools you need to stay at the front of the profession. In this course, join us to learn all there is to know about ANSI/TIA-606-C Standards.

Find your electrical printing or labeling solution

P-touch EDGE Laminate Labelers - Family

P-touch EDGE Laminate Labelers

Print high-quality labels virtually anywhere you need them. These easy-to-use labelers empower contractors and installers to quickly create serialized and barcoded labels that last.

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