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Bundled labeling solutions

Virtually everything you need to create and print high-quality labels for your specific application – in one convenient solution.

Quick Deploy Labeling Kit with TD-2 Desktop Printer

Ready, set, print!

Introducing QuickDeploy bundled labeling solutions from Brother, where you can create a stand-alone, high-quality, professional labeling solution for on-demand applications.


The easy way to label, practically anytime and anywhere.


Putting your QuickDeploy bundled labeling solution to work

It’s just three simple steps to on-demand labels.

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Export an Excel file containing your label information and identifiers right into the printer.

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Connect your scanner via USB or Bluetooth®.

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Scan the appropriate barcodes to print the labels you need.


3 reasons to leverage QuickDeploy labeling

See firsthand how you can benefit from the ease and convenience of these bundled on-demand labeling solutions.

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Get the right labeling kit for your specific industry

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Grocery and convenience store

Track inventory, help ensure food safety and enhance guest service by instantly printing shelf labels, markdown labels, food labels, and price item labels anywhere in the store.

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Accurately manage inventory and save valuable time with in-aisle label printing of shelf labels, markdown labels, hang tags, and price item labels.

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Food and hospitality

Streamline food orders, help increase accuracy, and reduce shrinkage with on-the-spot contents labels for bagged or boxed fresh food items and specialty drinks.

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Help boost productivity and reduce errors with bin location or storage ID labels for inbound goods. Plus, easily receive and label goods while still in the truck.

Build your bundle or talk to an expert

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