Large Alcohol Distributor Puts Printer Failure in the Rearview by Switching to Brother Mobile Solutions

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Large Alcohol Distributor Puts Printer Failure in the Rearview by Switching to Brother Mobile Solutions

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Brian Beans
Brian Beans
Senior Manager, Route & Transportation

See how innovative mobile printing solutions helped maintain compliance and streamline paperwork in DSD.

Meet the customer.



  • COD receipts, Invoices


  • A busy beer and wine distributor needed a mobile printing solution that integrated smoothly with their Enterprise Resource Management software while providing invoices and COD receipts quickly and efficiently.

Featured Solution:

Key Benefits:

  • Effortless integration for distributor’s IT specialist, ease of use for reps, and rugged printer design that has held up under rough route accounting conditions.

With several locations and a commitment to delivering the finest products to a growing consumer base, a large beer and wine distributor sought to modernize their mobile printing solution. With two distribution centers and four satellite warehouses, the family-owned and operated business has grown to serve 10,000 customers.

Because the direct delivery distributor served one of the 35 states that have cash-on-delivery requirements, their drivers are required to produce physical COD receipts and invoices at the point of delivery. With 100 route drivers, the company relies on direct store delivery ERP systems and mobile printing every day to produce clear, accurate documentation quickly and efficiently.

But when frequent printer failures from a leading brand started to interfere with their route efficiency, the distributor knew they needed an alternative, and fast.

Finding the right mobile printers for your direct store delivery

Ready for a mobile printer upgrade but frustrated by a lack of affordable in-stock options and ineffective customer support from the brand the DSD distributor had been working with, they determined it was time for a change.

Their IT Specialist explained that one of the biggest challenges was finding a mobile printer that would let them hit the ground running:

“When we were looking to make the swap, I knew we needed an absolute replacement — something that would be almost exactly like what we were using, but with a lot more availability.”

During the discovery process, their IT and Operations Team took 3 primary considerations into account:


Making sure the new printers could meet or exceed the capabilities of their old printers.


Mobile printers with a durable, lightweight design and enough battery life to endure rough DSD conditions and long shifts.


Drop-in integration with the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and minimal training.

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hand pointing at mobile printing screen

Right-on-time results

After sending an email to a Brother sales rep, the distributor was quickly put in contact with the right person for his needs — and in the interim, Brother sent him a 4-inch RuggedJet printer to try, risk-free.

The distributor encouraged their team to put the mobile invoice printer through all the paces — cold temps, bumps, drops, all the things their reps encounter on a daily DSD route. It held up without a problem.

As for getting the mobile printer setup, it took their team just a few clicks to install the printers and connect via Bluetooth®.

“Installation was super simple. I just changed over a driver setting, and it immediately worked. There it was! I was expecting a fight, but I was surprised by how easy the transition was.”

They rolled out four printers to start, and reps were so pleased with their performance that their IT Team didn’t have to do much convincing: “Probably within 2 weeks we had almost full cooperation — reps loved that they didn’t have to worry about the printer and that the battery lasted.”

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How has Brother delivered?

  • Fewer administrative burdens:

    Since they’ve rolled out the new mobile invoice printers, the distributor reports that admins are seeing a dramatic decrease in the time they used to spend troubleshooting printer issues.

    “It’s great having printers we don’t consistently or constantly have to worry about.”

  • Less downtime:

    Because their team was able to get the printers up and running effortlessly, there wasn’t any significant downtime for installation or employee training.

  • Happier sales reps / DSD drivers:

    Reps are easily navigating the new mobile printers and have been pleased with the lasting battery life and reliable performance. They love the simplicity the printer brings to their day:

    “All they have to do is come in and pick up the printer and plug it in at the end of the day. They can print clean and fast receipts that customers can see better. And they don’t have to worry about turning the printers on and off to conserve battery.”


  • Responsive, personable customer service:

    They appreciate the responsive, personable experiences they’ve had with Brother throughout the whole process. And they’re confident they will get the support they need when they need it.

  • Ample in-stock options, lower-price points:

    The distributor was able to acquire the number of mobile printers they needed, on time and on budget.

See the mobile invoice printers with all the right features

Hardware: RuggedJet 4 printers designed with speed, durability, ruggedness, and long battery life
Software: ZPL emulation, seamless integration, direct store delivery ERP software compatibility, drop-in ready
Software support: Custom integration process, phone support for installation
At Your Side Support: Lifetime support1, industry-leading warranty, personal team of experts
Bonuses: In-stock options, competitive pricing, top print speeds to support DSD driver efficiency


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Brian Beans
Brian Beans
Senior Manager, Route & Transportation
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