Beyond Route Optimization: See the Mobile Technology that Improves Direct Store Delivery, from First to Last Stop


Beyond Route Optimization: See the Mobile Technology that Improves Direct Store Delivery, from First to Last Stop

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Brian Beans
Brian Beans
Senior Manager, Route & Transportation

How DSD operations can streamline the day-to-day in the need-it-yesterday world of retail

By embracing modern, mobile technology, DSD Route Sales Representatives can operate with unprecedented efficiency. All it takes is the right combination of DSD technology to improve operations all year ‘round.

Keep the bottom line in perspective with real-time visibility

Implementing a mobile DSD printing and software solution isn’t just about streamlining DSD distribution — it’s about gaining clear insights into each and every route. With real-time data at their fingertips, DSD operations can outmaneuver challenges in the day-to-day and stay mission-focused. Here’s how that looks over the course of one day.

Starting the day

The DSD rep arrives at the depot ahead of sunrise and collects a mobile device and mobile printer — each essential for seamless route efficiency.

After a quick vehicle inspection, the rep prints a ticket to document any vehicle issues, checks truck inventory, prints an adjustment report as needed — all prior to leaving the depot location.

The first stop

Thanks to integrated delivery software on a mobile device, the rep is running on an optimized schedule that indicates exactly which customers to serve in what order for the most efficient route possible.

Smart routing capabilities also help avoid congested roads and hazards, buying precious time in the rep’s busy schedule.

And because the software also identifies which products the store needs based on current inventory levels and sales history and returns, the rep can efficiently complete the first stop and continue to the next.


As the day continues, software and printer work in tandem to save time at and between every stop.

  • Route related printouts and reports are produced on-demand.
  • Delivery updates happen in real-time.
  • Real-time data provides useful information to streamline the order process
  • Delays are few and far between.

And every moment saved creates more opportunities to service additional stops and create better customer experiences. 

On-the-spot printouts and reporting

With a rugged, portable printer in hand, the rep generates clean, legible invoices and receipts right where and when they’re needed — without worrying about the inevitable bumps and drops along the way.

And with effortless software and printer integration, the rep easily produces professional invoices, AR receipts, reporting and other printouts for all customers, anywhere on the route.


The rep returns to the depot to complete a final reconciliation process, which is conducted on the mobile device and printer and sent wirelessly to provide real-time visibility. To ensure tomorrow’s route runs as smoothly as today’s, all the rep needs to do is charge both devices.

And with real-time data at their fingertips, DSD operations can rely on account-based  profitability and forecasting to ensure every route counts towards the bigger picture.

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