This Award-Winning Solution Can Help You Solve Supply Chain Challenges


This Award-Winning Solution Can Help You Solve Supply Chain Challenges

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Brian Beans
Brian Beans
Senior Manager, Route & Transportation

Brother Mobile Food Labeling Solution Awarded as Top Supply Chain Technology by Food Logistics

Mobile printing can make a big difference for the food supply chain industry. When done right, on-demand labels and documents can increase productivity, reduce downtime, and improve your customer satisfaction.

To see the positive impact of mobile printing, look no further than Food Logistics, which named Brother Mobile Solutions as one of the 2022 Top Software & Technology Providers. The award honors top software and technology providers that ensure a safe, efficient, and reliable global cold food and beverage supply chain.

This year’s winners create solutions that integrate emerging technologies like mobile technology, Internet of Things (IoT), food safety management, routing and scheduling management, and more. By providing flexibility, efficiency, safety and visibility to the supply chain, Brother is helping route accounting and trucking companies address major challenges in 2023.

The 2023 Supply Chain Operations Landscape

Logistics disruptions, inflation concerns, increased focus on sustainability, food waste mitigation, and a movement to modernize technology are challenging the route industry, including the food supply and beverage delivery industries.

As such, maximizing sales, doing more work with less workers, and reducing drive time continue to be top priorities for route accounting companies in 2023. And integrating new technology to gain visibility into the supply chain is critical for companies to stay competitive.

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Labor shortages, supply chain disruption, inventory management, and inflation may prove challenging for food logistic companies in 2023.

Labor shortages have pushed competitive businesses to deploy easy-to-use technology solutions that allow their workers to do more with less, which can enhance productivity and efficiency.

Agility and visibility when managing inventory is critical for food and beverage route DSD companies. Too little inventory can lead to unhappy and frustrated customers and too much means wasted space and dollars tied up in products that sit on shelves or spoil in transit. Because of this, retailers also must manage supply chain disruptions that have made proper inventory management more difficult.

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While some of these challenges may shift as global trends and situations change, many will persist well into 2023 and beyond. To stay competitive, consider opting for the right mobile food logistics technology. 

Trends in Supply Chain Technology in 2023

Trends in the food and beverage industry are driven by a need to maximize productivity, increase efficiency, and improve the overall profitability of businesses, even those with tight budgets. Here are upcoming supply chain best practices to implement in 2023:

  • Visibility solutions: Enhanced visibility into your supply chain management, especially as it relates to your inventory and product tracking, will be critical to limiting disruptions and mitigating risks.
  • Predictive tech: Enable agility. Choose forecast solutions that help your business make cost-effective decisions and manage your inventory appropriately.
  • Analytics: Rely on technology that uses data and smart analytics to help you make informed decisions.
  • Mobile tech: Your supply chain solutions should enable your associates to move freely around the store. This mobility allows for more productivity and efficiency compared to  tethering associates to a central workstation.
  • Systems integration: To avoid downtime, choose solutions that easily integrate into your full ecosystem of software and tools.


Mobile Food Logistics Technology Leading the Charge

Mobile technology plays a valuable role in keeping the supply chain moving. The right mobile printing solutions can enable faster transactions, decrease downtime, boost productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and generate more cashflow. And producing on-demand documentation like invoices and receipts right from the aisle or cab can help to improve your supply chain accuracy while keeping your customers happy.

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While many mobile printing solutions exist, they’re not all equal. For the rough environment of delivery and trucking, you need a printer that’s rugged and ready to go. As noted by Food Logistics, Brother Mobile Solutions printers are ideal for supporting your cold food and beverage supply chain. They offer a variety of connectivity options, easy integration to your existing system, extreme durability for rough in-cab environment, and straightforward functionality that any employee can pick up quickly. When it comes to automating your supply chain management, Brother mobile printers are a great investment.

RuggedJet series

These printers are compact, rugged, and highly connected with options to mount in a cab, or carry and print on the spot. Your drivers can easily prim 1-inch to 4-inch labels and receipts from handhelds, tablets, and smartphones.

PocketJet series

Print crisp, professional full-page documents fast via a simple portable printer USB-C connection, or print cord-free via Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth® technology. And because your drivers are servicing stops all day long, these durable full-page printers feature a long-lasting battery so they won’t lose momentum.

Brother Titan Industrial Printer Series

Support your drivers by enhancing your warehouse or fulfillment center with these industrial workhorses. They’re drop-in ready and produce scannable barcodes at top speeds.

Other Emerging Supply Chain Tech

The winners of the 2022 Food Logistics’ Top Software & Technology Providers award offer solutions that solve for a variety of challenges across the supply chain. When considering a mobile printing solution, identifying a compatible barcode system software is key. Several barcode systems were recognized including Blue Yonder, BarTender, and Teklynx Find out more about Brother Mobile Solution’s software partners and how we integrate with your systems.

Optimizing Your Business

The cold food and beverage supply chain environment is at a key turning point after facing several unpredictable years. Optimizing your operations by implementing technology like mobile printing from Brother Mobile Solutions, can give your businesses a competitive advantage. Learn more about how our line of printers can help your business.

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