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Why It Pays to Keep Your Brother Printer in Warranty

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Brother Mobile Solutions
Brother Mobile Solutions
Raul Palacios, Director of Product

Here’s everything you need to know about the Printhead Perk Feature included in all of our extended limited warranty options

When you choose a Brother printer, you already know that we’re “at your side” with support and service that you can rely on. But one of the perks of becoming a Brother customer is so unique, you may never have heard of anything like it.

We’ll breakdown what the Printhead Perk is, and how it benefits you. But let’s start with a key reminder: this perk is only applicable if your printer is in warranty! Fortunately, you can purchase an extended limited warranty anytime before your standard product warranty expires. And keeping your printer in warranty protects our ability to provide you with our “at your side” support and service.

To understand the benefits of Printhead Perks, we need to start with basics. Your Brother thermal printer is powered by a printhead — a device that uses heat to print on media like thermal paper or thermal transfer ribbon. All thermal printheads will eventually wear out and need replacement.

Most manufacturers end their printhead warranty based on inches printed — usually earlier than the printer warranty is over. So you may have a printer under warranty, but if your printhead needs replacement and you’re past the inches printed limit — you’re out of luck. This means you’ll likely have to replace your printhead at full price, which can add up quickly.

Because we understand that printer usage will vary, we offer a replacement printhead at a deep discount — or even for free — while your printer is still under warranty or extended warranty.

At Brother, we look for ways to reward you for investing in our products. That’s why the Printhead Perks feature is designed with your long-term costs in mind. Instead of paying in full for new printheads, you get a simplified, discounted replacement process that comes included with your Brother warranty.

Printhead life varies based on factors like usage, care and environment. Typical printhead life for thermal transfer printing is longer than direct thermal printing. This is because the thermal transfer ribbon reduces friction between the media and the printhead. With direct thermal printing, there is no ribbon to reduce that friction.

  • For thermal transfer printing, you can expect your printhead to need replacement after printing around two million to three million linear inches.
  • For direct thermal printing, you can expect your printhead to need replacement after printing around one million to two million linear inches.

With Brother Printhead Perks, you can expect unlimited printhead replacements for your desktop and mobile printers while under limited warranty or extended limited warranty.

Your Brother Titan Industrial Printer comes with a 2-year warranty on the printer, as well as a warranty on your printhead. Your printhead warranty covers either two years of use, or 1 million linear inches—whichever comes first.

  • If your Brother Titan Industrial Printer series printhead has less than 1 million linear inches printed and is still within two years of use, your replacement printhead is free.
  • If you’ve exceeded 1 million linear inches but are within your two-year warranty, you’ll get replacement printheads at a deep discount. This means that you’re going to pay much lower than the standard replacement cost of a new printhead.
  • If your Brother Titan Industrial Printer series printhead is out of warranty (for example, you’ve exceeded 1 million linear inches or have used it for more than two years), you’ll have to pay full price for replacements. But this is where your printer warranty comes in. So long as you purchase an extended limited warranty before your standard product warranty expires, you’ll have access to the Printhead Perk feature.

Yes! Brother Mobile Solution printers are powered by smart printheads. They store their own mileage data that is accessed with a print test. After we’ve confirmed how many linear inches your printer has been used for, we can determine the right printhead replacement option for.

Yes! If you bought a discounted replacement printhead, or had a printhead replaced for free, a new warranty of 1 million linear begins on your printhead — as long as your printer is still in warranty.

When your printer is currently under warranty, you can extend your warranty at any time before your initial warranty expires. This means you can start with the included warranty when you purchase the printer, and choose to extend it at any point under your current coverage. Please note: Once your printer is out of warranty, you cannot purchase an extended warranty.

We’re here to help. Complete this form including your printer serial number & contact information and our customer service team will reach out to help.

The Printhead Perks is just one small portion of the support you get as a Brother customer. See all of the ways that we live out our promise of “at your side” with our industry-leading warranties and support.

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Brother Mobile Solutions
Brother Mobile Solutions
Raul Palacios, Director of Product
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