Temperature testing and visitor screening system

Our safe space solution offers a real-time, no-contact temperature measurement kiosk and facial recognition system that helps you confidently keep spaces and people safe.


It’s an intelligent way to protect what matters – your organization and the people who come and go

Creative Realities Inc. and Brother Mobile Solutions unite to deliver one of the most scalable and affordable safety solutions for work spaces, schools, and health facilities.


Advanced analytics & AI

Detect, log, report, and retain critical temperature and visitor data in one dashboard.


No-contact fever checks

Help keep people safe with remote thermal detection and instant results.


Visual proof of screening

Quickly clear people for entry & show compliance with easy-to-see, wearable labels.


Easy Android™ platform

Integrate with other cloud-based systems for hassle-free login, configuration, and maintenance.


Reliable, enterprise-grade displays

Clearly display screening data and facility policies to elevate your virtual reception kiosk.


How to use your safe space solution

Make safety simple with four easy steps. Power the system on, and go. No calibration needed.

Step 1: Check

The Q&A web app screens employees, customers, students, and visitors for risks. Users answer a set of customizable questions on a personal device or the kiosk, and your facility is alerted via text or email of any potential concerns.

Step 2: Scan

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables highly precise facial recognition, the Thermal Mirror device serves as a digital sign-in system and scans each individual entering your facility. Using a no-contact thermal sensor, it views and logs a fever check – all in one second or less. Elevated temperatures are reported through text or email alerts.

Step 3: Communicate

An optional digital display lets you show screening results, communicate important safety practices for your facility, and showcase other branded or relevant content. Compatible with multiple CMS platforms and configured with a variety of templates, the display is easy to set up and simple to use, now and in the future.

Step 4: Clear & print label

A connected Brother TD 2 desktop thermal printer allows every person who enters your facility to instantly print a wearable label. These labels provide visual peace of mind for staff, students, or visitors. And they ensure ultimate compliance with the option to auto-calculate expiration dates/times.

The components of your safe space solution

Creative Realities Thermal Mirror Device

Make temperature testing faster and more reliable than with other methods. Includes:

  • Thermal Mirror temperature reading device
  • Mounting stand
  • Android™ compatible software package
  • SaaS bundle for usage & support
  • Optional hardware peripheral for cellular hotspot connectivity

Brother TD 2 desktop thermal printers

Quickly print wearable labels to confirm clearance and support compliance. These printers feature:

  • Up to 6ips print speed
  • Conveniently compact footprints at just 4 inches wide
  • Sharp 203dpi or 300dpi print resolution
  • Quick and easy media replacement
  • USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi®, or Bluetooth® connectivity options
  • Optional Li-ion rechargeable battery and accessories

Get outstanding safety for your industry

Talk to an expert to build your safe space

Whether you’re ready to build and buy your Thermal Mirror system or have more questions, we can help.

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