SKU: PA-PG-002

3-Button Clip-On Adjustable Paper Guide With Strap Slots for PocketJet Printers

This snap on paper guide is crafted for use in carrying case. Two strap slots at the top back side allow for threading straps and a Velcro hook strip at the bottom of the mount to help secure the mount to it’s intended source.

The paper guide easily clips on to your PocketJet printer to make feeding individual sheets a breeze. The top folds up to reveal adjustable width guides to adapt to your desired paper or label sizes and support a straight feed and print with an improved feed angle*. Fold the top back down for easy handling, transport and storage. The design gives you full access to the USB and power ports on the side of the printer, as well as the power, paper feed and radio buttons on top.

For use with PocketJet 7 and 8 printer series.

*Improved over PA-PG-01