[VIDEO] How to Reduce OSHA Violations & Improve Lockout/Tagout Procedures

by Brother Mobile Solutions | Jan 21, 2019

Create personalized photo ID labels with a Brother industrial label printer

Lockout/tagout has been listed in OHSA’s “Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards” for the last five years. To reduce these violations, many businesses are turning to more advanced programs that include personalized photo ID lockout tags. There are several ways to get custom tags and improve lockout/tagout communication. Yet ordering personalized tags online is costly and time consuming, and these expensive tags must be scrapped when an employee leaves a position. Companies can also print paper tags and overlaminate them for a lower-cost option, but this process is extremely labor intensive.

The good news is that Brother has created a solution that fits the bill for cost, time, and quality. It’s low cost and requires very little labor. Plus, it also delivers top quality and enhances current lockout/tagout equipment without paying for costly upgrades.

Find out how a personalized lockout/tagout program with on-demand photo ID label printers can help avoid problems, improve productivity, and reduce violations. See how your business can benefit from:

Fast and easy printing

Chemical, UV, and abrasion resistant labels

Customizable labels options

Versatile printing for other labels and tags

Find the right tool for your lockout/tagout and other industrial labeling jobs.

See on-demand photo ID label printers in action.

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