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A Live Video Podcast Series with a Real Labeling Pro

Looking for ways to work better and faster? Tune in weekly with Todd Morse for no-nonsense industrial labeling tips and a whole lot of B.S. (Brother Solutions). Stay in the know and save time on the job. Get Todd’s pro pointers on:

  • Labeling best practices
  • Industry trends
  • On-the-job applications
  • Standout labeling tools
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EP 18

Labeling for Outside Plant (OSP)

September 24 | 1pm ET/10am PT

Labeling doesn’t only happen inside four walls. Sometimes, you need outside plant (OSP) labels. This episode will give you tips to help you manage labeling for OSP copper and fiber, manholes, pedestals and building entrance.

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EP 1

Introduction to Brother Industrial Labeling

Join our labeling guru Todd Morse to learn more about Brother industrial labeling and what applications can benefit from our B.S. (Brother Solutions).

EP 2

Handheld vs. Desktop Labelers (The Right Tool for The Right Job)

Meet the whole Brother P-touch industrial labeling lineup. See how handheld and desktop labelers come in handy for different jobs.

EP 3

Tackling the Job with the Right Tape

Learn about the different labeling tape types and applications for specific surfaces and environments.

EP 4

A Rundown of P-touch Editor Design Software

Design labels like the pro you are. See how to use P-touch Editor to link a database, build barcodes, design custom labels, and just do more.

EP 5

Brother Industrial iOS and Android Apps

Easy printing right from your smart device. Check out the FREE Brother apps that will actually help you do your job. Take it from Todd on which labeling apps to use and when to use them.

EP 6

Barcoding 101

Get Todd’s take on barcoding benefits and best practices, plus a straightforward breakdown of different protocols for 2D (QR) and Traditional Linear codes.

EP 7

Desktop Printer Drill Down

Find out how to use our leading desktop printers with P-touch Editor and Brother iOS and Android apps for spot-on electrical, datacom, data center, MRO, safety, asset management, security, warehousing, and manufacturing jobs. And see why they’re a go-to standalone solution.

EP 8

Labeling in the Field with Handheld Printers

Get a look into real-time jobsite labeling applications and best practices for our handheld labeling tools. These devices are made to handle everything from daily small MAC jobs to medium/large projects that include high print volume applications.

EP 9

Brother + FLUKE = Game Changer for Cable Installers

See an office-to-field scenario of how the Brother iLink&Label app simplifies testing and labeling bigtime by working with Fluke Networks LinkWare™ Live.

EP 10

Labeling Designed for Datacom

We’ll talk the best labeling solutions and applications for your datacom jobs – from patch panels, cable wraps, and faceplates to bonding/grounding, rack identification, fiber, and more.

EP 11

Top ANSI/TIA 606-C Takeaways

Tune in for a compressed (and non-boring) overview of current 606-C field labeling applications and best practices to keep you at the top of your game.

EP 12

Smart Tips for Security Labeling

Master your labeling skills for all of your security applications. Learn how to label (and yes, even barcode) everything on your jobsite from WAPs, cameras, and cables to active/passive electronics.

EP 13

Everything Electric

Get in on some supercharged yet uncomplicated electrical labeling best practices. Power through projects with the know-how you need to quickly and accurately label wire, panels, disconnects, outlets, conduits, grounding, busbars, and more.

EP 14

How to Master Manufacturing & Warehouse Labeling

Get pro tips and tools to boost agility across your warehouse supply chain or manufacturing op. We’ll cover everything you need to know about barcoding, asset management, calibration/inspection labels, safety labeling, and more.

EP 15

Tackling Big Datacenter Jobs

When things go wrong in the datacenter, a well-labeled installation will help your team quickly get to the root of the problem and get things back online. Join us for some unbeatable tips on effective labeling for copper/fiber cables, patch cords/jumpers, and a whole lot more.

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