The Future of Distribution, Transportation, and Logistics Relies on Key Technologies within the Warehouse

Join Dave Crist and Kevin Lawton on The New Warehouse Podcast for a look at how Brother Mobile Solutions is assisting warehouses



In the modern world of eCommerce, warehouse managers need to meet consumer demands with consistent inventory availability and shorter lead times. And they have to do it all on tight budgets and with minimal operational costs.

On Episode 104 of The New Warehouse podcast, Brother Mobile Solutions President Dave Crist joins Kevin Lawton to discuss how innovative technology can help warehouses overcome these challenges. Hear surprisingly simple ways to succeed in the future of distribution, transportation, and logistics – including:

  • 4:33 – New desktop thermal transfer printers that can be connected quickly and easily across your entire warehouse operation systems – helping you meet demand surges and stay on top of inventory.
  • 10:17 – The Hardware-as-a-Service subscription program that lets you get the latest printing technology at one low monthly price – with no big upfront blow to your bottom line.

Check out the episode today, and tune in for more industry insights with other experts and thought leaders.

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