Let’s face it. There’s nothing flashy or cutting edge about dynamic pricing strategy and markdown optimization, but this tried-and-true approach is vital to solid retail inventory management. And it’s gaining new respect and prominence in the post-pandemic retail world, where there’s intense pressure to win back the interest and loyalty of in-store shoppers.

Flexible pricing and “up-to-the-minute” markdowns keep online-savvy, price-sensitive customers coming back to your physical store in search of more deals, accelerating the inventory turnover so critical to retail profitability. Smart retailers know how a robust, proactive pricing strategy that includes markdowns helps minimize dead inventory and maximize cash on hand. With improved cash flow, retailers can acquire new, high-demand inventory which can be sold at better margins.

To fully capitalize on your pricing strategy, you need accurate, clearly readable price labels on every item on every shelf. That includes full-priced goods as well as sale items and markdowns. The good news is print technology has advanced to meet the need – it’s even advanced to meet in-store scenarios we hadn’t considered a few years ago.

Brother’s innovative barcode printing and labeling solutions make it easier than ever for your associates to quickly generate product, shelf-edge, discount, custom or other labels and tags – using handhelds, tablets or smartphones right in the store aisle. That can translate into faster transactions, less downtime, increased sales and faster turnover of goods.

Brother’s cost-effective, easy-to-deploy mobile, desktop and industrial printers offer:


Dan Lydigsen

Director of Retail and Hospitality Sales

Brother Mobile Solutions

Multiple, simultaneous connectivity options

Compatibility with major operating systems

Seamless integration with almost any software solution

Versatile and stand-alone functionality

Built to withstand the demands of today’s fast-paced retail environment and backed by the industry-leading Brother Assure Extended Warranty Service, you can count on our printers to be tough, fast and reliable*. And our custom-developed Mobile Deploy device management app makes printer deployment and updates as simple as a push of the button.

No matter how large or small your operations, a smart pricing strategy matters. At Brother, we understand you have your hands full dealing with the challenges of rebounding, and flourishing in the “new normal.” That’s why we’re committed to making sure your printers don’t pose any barriers to fast, flawless execution of your pricing and markdown strategy. After all, the best pricing strategy in the world won’t help if your customers can’t see the current price quickly and easily on the shelf or the rack.

Learn more about how Brother printers can empower you and your store associates.

No matter how large or small your operations, a smart pricing strategy matters.

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