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Automatic Label Rewinders: The Unsung Hero in Your Supply Chain Process

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Ravi Panjwani
Ravi Panjwani
Vice President

In the world of fast-paced industrial labeling applications, label rewinders can be a true lifesaver. A label rewinder works by automatically rewinding labels onto a core to be used for batch labeling applications. No more manually gathering labels and no wasted time spent monitoring large print runs. With a label rewinder, you get neat rolls of printed labels to store or use as needed. If you’re wondering whether your labeling application could benefit from an automatic label rewinder, here’s what you need to know.

Why use an automatic label rewinder?

Save time

Let the label rewinder collect printed labels on the roll so workers can spend their time performing more important jobs elsewhere. Then start the next label printing job right away when one print run is over. Industrial printers with rewinders also tend to print very fast with longer duty cycles, saving you even more time across your operation.

Reduce waste

Don’t deal with folded, twisted, or damaged labels. And prevent unruly heaps of printed labels on the floor or table. With an automatic label rewinder, printed labels are accurately rewound into a neat roll so you can use them when you need them. Perfect for batch print applications such as packing/repacking and Work in Process labeling.

Take control of printed label inventory

Produce preprinted labels in-house to guarantee that what you need is always available, on-demand. Plus, avoid having to toss the preprinted labels you’ve stocked up when labeling design changes or when the labels are no longer needed.

Boost operational efficiency and productivity

An automatic label rewinder used in combination with a high-volume industrial printer gives you a large-batch labeling solution that can fit seamlessly into your workflow or process, without requiring a lot of time or attention from your workers.

When to use an automatic label rewinder?

As we touched on earlier, label rewinders are ideal for large-batch and high-volume industrial applications. For example, product serial labels and shipping labels are often printed in batch. With an automatic label rewinder, you can print the large quantities you need from a single industrial printer in a centralized location. This lets you stock or distribute rewound rolls of printed labels to the locations that need to use them. And, there’s no need for dedicated print stations at multiple locations within your facility. While a label rewinder is perfect for batch printing, they can also be useful for many short-run printing jobs – allowing manufacturing operations to stay agile amidst changing demands.

The benefits of a built-in label rewinder

Having any type of automatic label rewinder is great, but an integrated, full-roll rewinder is a true gamechanger for industrial environments and manufacturing operations. Industrial printers with a built-in full roll (8” outside diameter) rewinders deliver all the functionality you need in one solution – so you’re not having to piece together external rewinders with your printers.

The internal full roll rewinder built in to select Brother Titan Industrial Printer models lets you say goodbye to inconvenient operating limitations. While partial roll (5-inch outside diameter) rewinders offer reduced functionality, full roll (8-inch) lets you continuously print and rewind an entire roll of labels for batch applications, and even print many short-run jobs from the same supply roll of labels.

If those benefits weren’t enough, integrated label rewinders also help ensure the safety of workers across your operation – with no risk of hair or loose clothing being pulled into an external rewinder.

Fast, production printing with full roll rewinder

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