Brother MPrint MW Series

Ultra-portable Printing for the Modern World

This ultra-slim, lightweight mobile printer is the ideal solution for applications that demand high-resolution text or graphics in small-format output (2.9”x4.1” or 4.1”x5.8”). Now with MFi Bluetooth® technology and across-the-board operating system compatibility, the MW Series offers easy, wireless communication with iPhone®, iPad®, iPod®, Windows®, Windows Mobile®, and Android™ devices.

MW Models to Fit Your Specific Needs

MPrint MW Series Mobile Printers

Brother MPrint MW-260MFi

Small-format (A6) mobile wireless printer with USB, Bluetooth, and IrDA interfaces.

MPrint MW Series Mobile Printers

Brother MPrint MW-145MFi

Small-format (A7) mobile wireless printer with USB and Bluetooth interfaces.

Discover the Solutions

MPrint MW Series for Field Services

Field Services

Professional-looking output for customer invoices, price quotes, and reports.

MPrint MW Series for Retail


Convenient, high-quality printing of sales receipts.

MPrint MW Series for Route Accounting

Route Accounting

On-the-spot printing of delivery receipts and invoices.

MPrint MW Series for Public Safety

Public Safety

Easy-to-use, lightweight solution to print tickets and fines.

MPrint MW Series for Healthcare


High-resolution output for instantaneous medical test and ultrasound scan results, patient instructions, and more.