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Improve officer efficiency & safety during traffic stops.

What is an eCitation?

A police citation – commonly called a “ticket” – is a document issued by a police officer to an individual who has committed a violation of the law. Citations can be issued for many reasons such as traffic and civil violations. eCitation is a fast, efficient way to generate and issue citations. It allows law enforcement to populate citation data on a mobile device, print legible tickets on the spot, and automatically transmit digital information about the incident to municipal, police, and court records management systems.

How do eCitations work?

See the four easy steps of roadside eCitations that allow police technology to do the heavy lifting.


Police officer scans the driver’s license barcode.


Auto-populate the eCitation form with the driver’s information.


Print the populated eCitation for the motorist.


Send the eCitation digitally to the courthouse.

Why are eCitations right for my fleet?


Increase officer safety.

eCitations can shorten the amount of time officers spend on the side of the road by 50%1, reducing how long they’re left vulnerable to traffic hazards and potential accidents.


Improve citation accuracy.

Illegible eCitations often get thrown out. Because officers can scan and populate citation data instead of writing them by hand, eCitations tout a 98% accuracy rate – so less tickets are thrown out due to inaccuracy.2


Drive department efficiency.

Manual upload of written citations can take up to 12 days3. This re-entry process increases the likelihood of human error in the ticketing system and takes away time that an officer could use in the field.


Enhance productivity & job satisfaction.

Allow officers to spend less time pushing paper. It takes 10-15 minutes to manually issue a citation. eCitations take 4-5 minutes and eliminate up to 200 keystrokes.2


Reduce operating costs.

When officers are being asked to do more with less due to dwindling budgets, eCitation solutions lessen officer downtime and can greatly reduce paper costs for the department.


See meaningful ROI.

Adopting an eCitation solution allows departments to drive revenue collection more seamlessly, creating time and resources for officers to do what they do best — protect and serve.

Rugged in-car printers built for eCitations.


PocketJet 8 series

Popular among departments for printing full-page documents like reports, warrants, code violations, warnings, inspections, and other related materials. And with the latest PocketJet 8 model, officers can now print a document in as little as 6 seconds.

  • USB 2.0, Wi-Fi®, MFi, and Bluetooth® wireless technology4
  • iOS® and Android™ SDKs for easy app integration and development
  • Windows®, macOS®, and Linux OS compatibility
  • Up to 300dpi high-resolution print technology4
  • Small footprint and secure mounting options
  • No messy inks or toners required


RuggedJet 4200 series

Compact, rugged, and made to easily mount or carry in the field. Print 1-inch to 4-inch eCitations, violation notices, permits, evidence labels and more all from popular mobile devices or vehicle computers.

  • No messy inks or toners required
  • Up to 203dpi standard-resolution print technology4
  • Fast print speeds up to 5ips
  • Connectivity options include Wi-Fi®, MFi, and Bluetooth® wireless technology4
  • Mountable docking stations with power and USB connectivity options
  • Compact and rugged enough to be carried outside of vehicle
  • Enhanced drop protection and industrial-grade parts

Get the most out of your eCitations solution with one of our trusted software partners.

Frequently asked questions

  • Mobile computer (handheld, laptop, or tablet)
  • Barcode scanner
  • Customizable software solution that can easily integrate into your current Records Management System (RMS) and court systems
  • Mobile printer. For your mobile printer needs, you’ll want something that can fit easily within the space constraints of a patrol vehicle and is rugged enough to withstand variable conditions

eCitations can be customized and configured to match your current handwritten tickets. Check with your software provider or feel free to check out our trusted technology partners linked below.

eCitation solutions use equipment that officers are already familiar with, such as ruggedized handhelds, laptops, and tablets. Minimal training is required and can usually be completed in two to three hours.

Preconfigured and custom mounts safely secure printers, helping protect them from loss or damage. Some mounts even provide a power source connection, eliminating the need for a battery. There are a variety of options to mount your mobile printers, including armrest, headrest, glove box, or even in-motorcycle box mounts. Check out other vehicle mounts option here.

Outdated police technology can complicate the day-to-day life of an officer, reduce job satisfaction for existing officers, hinder the younger workforce from wanting to enter the police force, or even pose a safety risk.

One crucial aspect of police retention is deploying modern technology like eCitation that provides fewer barriers to safety and efficiency. Read more in this article about how modernizing procedures can help.

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