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This New Law Enforcement Technology May Help Attract New Recruits

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Greg O'Connell
Greg O'Connell
Vice President, Enterprise Sales

Why Law Enforcement Technology Improves Police Retention

Law enforcement agencies across the country are experiencing strain under the current police officer shortage. While the key reasons behind the crisis are complex and multifaceted, one thing is clear: agencies across the country are having to do more with less.

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Law Enforcement Agencies Struggle with Police Retention

According to a Police Forum survey conducted in 2021, there’s been an 18% increase in resignation in 2020-21 compared to 2019-20, and a 45% increase in retirement rates for the same years.1

And with the high costs associated with training new officers, it’s crucial that agencies retain their recruits and avoid turnover. Many forces that affect the day-to-day lives of an officer are out of control of an agency. But having the right police technology may improve the daily experience of their officers, which in turn can aid in retaining the officers you do have, and attracting a new police workforce.

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Officer Recruitment and Policing Technology  

The incoming workforce are digital natives who have a focus on work-life balance in mind. They’re interested in working smarter, not harder. Your agency needs to have a tactic to attract the interest of a younger workforce within a highly competitive space. And with salaries and schedules often dictated by forces outside your agency, looking at the things you can change within your agency is an important place to start.

If your department demonstrates future-minded thinking, you’re more likely to attract a tech-savvy workforce that’s interested in the newest policing technology that can improve the day-to-day life of a police officer. In fact, 91% of Gen-Z said that a “company’s technological sophistication would impact their decision to work there.”2

Jobseekers are also looking for meaningful and fulfilling work. When an officer feels like their time is wasted when tickets are dismissed or feel in danger when doing administrative work in their car, their job satisfaction takes a hit. But officers that feel like they have a good handle on what’s going on in their community and find their workflow manageable and efficient will have more longevity. Examining your department for outdated technology and inefficient processes is an important first step to take towards attracting the incoming workforce.

Barriers of Outdated Police Technology

Outdated police technology can complicate the day-to-day life of an officer, reduce job satisfaction for existing officers, hinder the younger workforce from wanting to enter the police force, or even pose a safety risk. One crucial aspect of police retention is deploying modern technology that provides fewer barriers to safety and efficiency.

Consider the day-to-day administration work that an officer is responsible for. Proper documentation is critical to public safety, as officers need to ensure that accurate case files are maintained in order for guilty parties to be prosecuted successfully.

Unfortunately, many departments still rely on outdated technology, and paper-and-pen reporting simply cannot keep up with the demands of modern policework. By modernizing procedures like reporting with new police technology, agencies may be able to attract and retain a new police workforce.

Creating a Future-Minded Police Department

Now is the prime time to start building a more future-focused police department. The workforce is drastically changing, technology and connectivity is improving, and outdated processes are on the way out.

A future-minded police department that utilizes the newest police technology can streamline paper-based processes like:


Parking violations


Inspection reports


Emergency instructions


Evidence & shipping labels


Warning and violation notices


Accident & crime scene investigations

Benefits of Quality Law Enforcement Technology

Choosing high-quality law enforcement technology for these common procedures can deliver benefits to officers and their communities alike, and even improve recruitment and retention. The right technology can reduce administrative workloads, increase officer safety, and even improve public perception— three key factors of the current police officer shortage.

More Efficient Workloads

Modernized technology makes work easier. Officers who are utilizing new police technology can spend less time on administrative paperwork and expect to see less tickets dismissed from errors or illegibility. Plus, smart technology improves the user experience, which may increase job satisfaction for officers.

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Increased Officer Safety

Traffic stops can be dangerous—or even deadly. The combination of fast-moving vehicles, distracted drivers, and potential civilian hostility make these common procedures a perfect starting point for modernized practices. By implementing the right technology, you can get your officers off the road and back to safety faster. And in addition to reducing roadside time, technology like eCitation software allows for up-to-date license tracking and warrants during database lookups.

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Improved Public Perception

While public perception of police officers is a complex issue, there are small things a police department can do on an agency level to improve the civilian experience and attract potential recruits. Improving the safety of officers and reducing the administrative workload that comes along with police work may catch the attention of potential recruits and improve the satisfaction of existing officers.

And the benefits of new police technology can positively impact civilians, too. Less dismissed tickets mean that potentially dangerous offenders are successfully prosecuted for crimes, improving the safety of their communities. Faster, more efficient traffic stops can get civilians back on the road quickly while reducing the risk of accidents. And less paperwork gets officers out of their cars and into the community.


How to Train Officers on New Police Technology

Gen-Z and Millennials are familiar with technology and will have a short learning curve. But preserving veteran officers is just as important as recruiting a younger generation. New technologies can only streamline processes if they are easily deployable within your agency.

Not all technology is created equally. Make sure you’re powering your force with technology that meets these criteria:

  • Choose tech with seamless integration for out-of-the-box deployment. The right solution should work with existing eCitation software to deliver fast ROI.
  • Stay connected, no matter where the job takes you. Opt for hardware that’s WiFi® and Bluetooth® connectable, and Android™ and iOS® compatible.
  • Get tools that can keep up with your officers shift. Look for a hardware that has a powerful battery that can last a whole shift and mounting options that allow your tech to fit snugly in police cars, on motorbikes, or in a carrying bag.
  • Rely on a company with a strong customer support team. Every police force is different, so choose a company that can work with you to deliver the customized solution your department needs.

officer printing citation with pocketjet 8

Power your force with new police technology today.

There’s a reason why PocketJet 8 full-page mobile printers and RuggedJet4 mobile printers are the technology of choice for police departments of the nation. They’re out-of-the-box ready to print full-page, 4-inch, and 2-inch documents. Plus, your department can choose from a wide range of power, mounting, and accessory options to make them a perfect fit for your fleet.

Interested in seeing what the right police technology can do for your force? Request a call or schedule a free demo today.

Greg O'Connell
Greg O'Connell
Vice President, Enterprise Sales
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