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Modernizing Traffic Processes Increases Officer Efficiency and Safety for Ontario Municipality

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David Heath
David Heath
Senior Manager, Major Accounts - Canada

Police departments in Canada and the United States face a similar challenge: how to modernize the unsafe and inefficient traditional traffic stop process, without exceeding tight department budgets.

In one small city of 80,000 people in Ontario, Canada, traffic stops were averaging more than 20 minutes. Officers were handwriting their citations, which kept the officer and civilians alike on the side of the road for long periods of time with traffic whizzing by. Not only was this process time-consuming and dangerous: it was inefficient.

The tickets were illegible or incorrect, with a human error rate of about 15%. These tickets or summons were often thrown out, leading to a loss of revenue to the province. And these dropped tickets also impacted public safety. Without these convictions on a driver’s record, future offenses had less of an impact and drivers were not incentivized to adopt safer driving behaviors. Clearly, it was time for a change.

Solving the challenge of safety and efficiency.

The department wanted to simplify the traffic stop procedure for officers while improving their experience and safety. Ultimately, the police department hoped to find a solution that could:


Increase officer roadside safety


Create efficiencies for traffic stops


Encourage adoption through an easy-to-use interface


Print a wide range of important documents quickly and efficiently

Policeman printing out collision report

A department, modernized.

By implementing Brother PocketJet Series printers and eCitation software, the police department brought modernization to their police cars. Because citations take up a big portion of the day-to-day job, modernizing the citation process had an immediate positive impact on officers and their community. And the PocketJet Series made a big impression on the police officers through its full-sized printing capabilities, impressive mobility, and ease of use.

“The printer was so easy to use — it was an automatic fit. Picking the printer was the easiest step of the whole process.”- Department Constable

Armed with the software-printer solution, the officers no longer had to deal with tracking paper citations or illegible handwriting — leading to fewer human errors when handing those citations out. The solution also allowed officers to include a digital code on the printed citation, which let the recipient pull up their ticket or summons details on their phone. This meant less error, less tickets being thrown out, and more satisfaction from officers and civilians alike.

Better time management and increased ROI

Since implementing the Brother Mobile Solution printers, the department has realized improved accuracy, time savings, and the ease of use that comes from modernization. On average, after implementing the print-software solution, traffic stops went from 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes. Impressively, less than 1% of tickets have been thrown out in court — down from the previous rate of 15%.

The department now plans to have full-fleet access, with hardwired printers in every new patrol car. And the ROI of the solution is clear. Beyond citations, the officers are working towards using their mobile printers to print:

  • Impound forms
  • Suspension notices
  • Collision reports
  • Warnings
  • Crime stopper links
  • Safety and contact information

“It’s not just about enforcement, it’s about education and public messaging,” said one constable.

Modernize your own department today.

PocketJet 8 in Police Car

PocketJet Mobile Printers

The PocketJet full-page mobile printer is the leading choice for police vehicles nationwide. And it’s out-of-the-box ready to print full-page citations and documents. Your department can choose from a range of power and mounting options, making it a custom-fit solution for your fleet.

Key features:

  • Complete connectivity. No matter where the job takes your officers, they can print with Wi-Fi, full-speed USB 2.0, or Bluetooth technology (Ver.2.1+EDR SPP, BIP, OPP, HCRP, and iAP/MFi)
  • Full-page versatility. For whatever your officers are printing, expect professional documents on standard sized paper. Up to 8.5″ printing on cut-sheet, continuous roll, or fanfold thermal printer paper
  • Powered to last. When your officers are in the field, they need a solution that won’t quit. Optional high-capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery (estimated yield of 600 pages from 100% charge*)
  • Small, but powerful. The small footprint, light build, and variety of mounting options makes it easy to keep your printer in a vehicle or motorcycle, in a hard shell case, or easily carried.

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