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Forklift printing solutions

Reduce errors and boost efficiency with mobile workflow printers.

Mobilize your workflow with forklift-mounted printers

Warehouses and DTC fulfillment centers are handling more packages than ever. But rising labor shortages and shrinking budgets means that your workflow needs to be extremely efficient in order to cover more square feet with less workers while staying competitive.

Investing in new equipment to meet these needs can be expensive. Instead, why not optimize equipment that you already deploy? By equipping your existing forklifts and lift trucks with printers, you can instantly save time and reduce errors. They eliminate the need for your operators to retrieve printed documents across the warehouse floor while reducing the chance of grabbing the wrong documents.

The simple adoption of mobile printers on forklifts and lift trucks also provides the opportunity to further optimize other day-to-day processes. For instance, by adding a full-page printer to your material handling vehicles, you’re able to produce critical full-page documents and large format labels from a small, compact solution.


Automate your workflow

Fast-paced supply chains are here to stay, and mobile automation plays a key role in keeping your operation competitive. While fixed workstations will remain a necessity, a small but powerful step towards automation starts by bringing a mobile printer to smaller jobs and tasks, instead of the other way around.


Improve your supply chain visibility

Real-time tracking of pallets, packages, and products on their journey is possible with the right barcode workflow in place. Because just-in-time fulfillment demands total visibility, a forklift-mounted printer allows you to move where the products go and generate updates when necessary.


Increase productivity and efficiency

Adding compact, reliable, highly-connected mobile printers to your forklifts and lift trucks can dramatically improve accuracy and efficiency. And having an at-your-fingertips printer means that employees can save valuable time and improve accurate labeling at every key supply chain juncture.


Hit the ground running

Our rugged and durable printers are drop-in ready — even if your legacy printers aren’t from Brother! Compatibility with most major WMS systems makes for a seamless transition. And industry leading warranties, drop-tested printers, and at-your-side support means that reliability comes standard.

Automate your workflow by equipping your forklift with these rugged printers

Shipping Label Printer Mounted on Forklift printing barcode label

RJ4200 direct thermal mobile warehouse printers

Boost productivity and easily scale your barcode labeling production from hundreds to thousands of warehouse labels up to 4 inches wide. Get compatibility with leading WMS systems, top print quality, and seamless integration at the right price.

  • Shipping labels
  • Barcode labels
  • Serial number labels
  • Bin labels
  • Pallet labels
  • Rack labels
  • Container labels
  • Work-in-process labels
  • Inventory & material asset tracking
Pocketjet installed on forklift

PocketJet 8 mobile printers

Print full-page documents and labels on the move, right from your WMS computing system or mobile devices. Mobility and print speeds of up to 13.5ppm1 means that you can print the full-page documents you need, when and where you need them, without skipping a beat.

  • Bills of lading
  • Packing slips
  • 5in x 11in special handling & identification labels
  • Shipping labels

Frequently asked questions

Anyone that moves pallets and requires accompanying documents or labels! Adding forklift-mounted printers is a great first step towards future-proofing your business, regardless of if you’re using a WMS with plenty of bells and whistles, or a sharpie and excel spreadsheet.

A forklift printer is an ideal way to reduce — or even eliminate — trips back to your stationary centralized printing workstations. You can print full-page documents, human-readable picklists, scannable barcodes, large labels and more while on-the-go and as needed.

Our mobile printers have built in printer language emulations, so they’re drop-in ready. Enjoy clever connectivity with options for Wi-Fi®, and Bluetooth®. We’re also compatible with most major WMS systems which makes for seamless integration. And if the software you work with isn’t compatible, we may be able to work with your developer to create customized compatibility.

Our ZPL emulation capabilities allows you to quickly implement forklift-mounted printers into your existing printer lineup. And our in-stock options mean that you can supplement your existing lineup without long wait times.

If you want to run your forklift printers on battery power, the PocketJet and the RuggedJet 4 printers can be used on your forklift and charged off-line. This is a great option if you are leasing a forklift, don’t want to connect with your electrical system, or have multiple forklifts with varying battery voltage systems.

Brother offers battery-eliminating power solutions for fuel-powered forklifts, as well as options for all-electric battery powered forklifts at 24-60VDC and higher. To protect your forklift power system and ensure your printer will function correctly, your Brother expert will work with you to determine what battery-eliminating power option is best for your fleet.

Absolutely. Our lineup of rugged mobile printers are easy to use, so it takes minimal training time for veterans and newbies alike to learn how to get started.


Smart software and middleware to meet your warehousing needs

Implement easily, update seamlessly, and print freely with innovative software and apps.

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SAP® Vendor Partner
As a gold-level member of the SAP® Printer Vendor program, Brother enables easy printing to our printers direct from within the SAP® ERP environment.
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