Printing Patch Panel Labels with P-touch Labeler


5 Ways the Pro Label Tool App Will Up Your Industrial Labeling Game

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Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson
Director of Sales, Industrial Solutions

The new Pro Label Tool app is loaded with ready-to-go features to make industrial labeling a breeze. Whether you’re printing a custom label, looking for an industry standard template, or printing off hundreds of serialized labels, the app has you covered. Easy to use, customizable, and designed with your needs in mind. The Pro Label Tool works with PT-E550W, PT-P750W, PT-P900W, PT-P950NW, and PT-E800W Brother P-touch industrial label printers.

1. Ready-to-go templates

Choose from a loaded template bank of ANSI/TIA 606 standard aligned cable wraps, flags, patch panels, and more. Plus, share your stored templates with other users for lightning-fast reprints.

2. Import databases

Importing databases let you streamline work between the office and field, which means more accuracy in less time. Leverage info from an existing database, cloud-based data from a tester, and even transfer templates from your PC to print labels on the go.

3. Serialize

Whether you’re printing two labels or two hundred, add serialization to your custom or templated labels – all from the easy-to-use app.

4. Add barcodes and QR codes

Adding important information to your labels is a snap with the new barcode and QR code labeling feature. Print your custom barcode or QR’s onto the label, right from the app.

5. Make labels your own

Customize your template by easily editing and printing pro-labels in just a few taps. Print easy-to-read labels with your company logo, phone number, and more.

Take your industrial labeling to the next level by downloading the app here.

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