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How to Future-Proof Your Electrical Labeling

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Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson
Director of Sales, Industrial Solutions

To install future-proof electrical cabling systems and networks that help you stay competitive, your workers need tools and information on hand to work quickly, accurately, and efficiently. With a comprehensive approach to labeling, you can deliver professional results now while creating systems that work well into the future.

Keep your edge with advanced cable & wire labeling solutions

Clear, structured labeling is the cornerstone of any electrical wiring and cabling project. It helps simplify troubleshooting, enhance jobsite safety, increase productivity, and support compliance. A professional cable management approach can also provide greater quality and warranty assurance for the electrical installation itself, protecting the customer and enhancing your reputation as a contractor.

Today’s handheld, industrial-grade labeling tools give you the easy, onsite power tool your crew needs to print and affix clear, readable labels on each type of wire and cable. This not only lets you follow industry best practices (including electrical standards, codes, etc.); it also drastically improves uptime and streamlines maintenance. The results for your business? Helps save time and cost when it comes to making repairs or completing moves, adds, and changes (MACs).

And whether you’re rewiring and cabling existing facilities or working new construction, you need labels designed to last. Depend on the durability of laminated labels that can stand up to the tough environmental elements of your biggest electrical jobs.

Benefits of easy, clear onsite labelling


Follow Industry
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Meet changing labeling standards & build a connected future

Durability, ease of use, and accuracy are all critical things to look for in your electrical labeling solution. But you also have to consider the ever-changing nature of cabling standards and technologies.

Compliance standards evolve, regular updates to the National Electrical Code (NEC) are made, and new labeling standards keep coming. Meanwhile, the emergence of building information management (BIM) systems, modular panels, drones, and even robots adds to the already-complex mix. How to keep everything straight? With straightforward labeling.

Build worker confidence and remove worry with labelers that can produce serialized, barcoded, and legible labels for controls, switches, junction boxes, cables, outlets, and more. Equip your crew to work efficiently with smart labelers that let them create labels from your project management system; use free software to access frequently-used label templates; and print labels right onsite. Humans, drones, and robots alike can scan printed labels to confirm they have the right location before changes are made.

Rethink your approach to wire and cable labeling

With demand, technologies, and standards changing regularly, it’s no wonder why facility and cable labeling is becoming an increasingly important part of the construction and electrical contractor’s toolkit.

There’s no better time to rethink your approach to wire and cable labeling. Empower on-site workers to solve difficult labeling challenges with flexible, affordable, easy-to-use industrial thermal printers from Brother. With award-winning features and functionality, P-touch EDGE handheld labelers are built to meet the needs of contractors both large and small.

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