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Top Labeling Procedures to Prepare Your Company for Future Growth

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Travis Wayne
Guest Author: Travis Wayne
Product Manager at TEKLYNX

Brother Mobile Solutions has partnered with TEKLYNX, a global leader in barcode label software solutions. Together, we’re working to bring enterprises some of today’s most advanced tools to design and print industry compliant barcode labels easily and efficiently. We’re pleased to bring you this guest blog by Travis Wayne, Product Manager at TEKLYNX. It originally appeared on The Human Readable Blog, by TEKLYNX.

Growth is great, but sometimes, it can introduce new challenges across your organization, including your company’s labeling process. The labeling process can sometimes be overlooked during future planning, despite labeling being critical to your business. If your company has the labeling goal of being ready for future growth, read on to discover how TEKLYNX recommends preparing with scalable labeling systems. Remember, if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail!

To aid your company in its future planning process, TEKLYNX has identified three labeling best practices for setting your company up for labeling success and avoiding any roadblocks as your company grows. For starters, ask yourself if your company is using the most efficient and cost-effective software licensing structure – the answer to this question leads into the first labeling best practice.

Labeling best practices


  1. Utilize multi-user network licensing

    If there are more than two users on your network working at the same time or working with the same labeling software, consider installing a network license of your labeling software instead of multiple single user licenses. A network license is more cost effective because it has a lower cost per user while also simplifying label and license management. A network license is installed on one server, and is then pushed out to each computer, taking out the need to install and update each license, one by one, on each individual work station. Another perk of a network licensing is that upgrades and renewals happen on the network, making it so there’s no need to update each computer individually. Network licenses make IT maintenance easier, which sets your company up for future success by setting up your labeling software for future success by simply being connected on a network.

    Network licenses allow for growth on the software side, but the next labeling best practice allows for growth on the printing side.

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  1. Print documents and labels from the same application

    If you use the same data for your documents (like order receipts, bills of materials, or packing lists) and labels, moving document printing into your label design software makes sense logistically. TEKLYNX RFID and barcode label design software CODESOFT enables label and document printing standardization by allowing multiple database records to be on one file, saving time by printing from one application.

    By consolidating your printing processes for documents and labels into one application, you start saving time instead of wasting it. However, if the technology in your labeling environment is unsupported, the previous two best practices become obsolete, making the final best practice critical when growing your business with your labeling process.


  1. Stay up to date across the board

    Keeping your operating system, hardware, and software up to date allows your company to continue functioning effectively. A bit of advice that goes with this best practice is that when you update one operating system or one hardware piece or one software, it affects all the other technologies. Using a labeling software that was developed for Windows 10 won’t work as well (or at all) on a machine that’s running Windows XP. As far as labels are concerned, keep your printers maintained and up to date so that your labels are as high quality as possible.

    Whether through adding new product lines, expanding to new locations, or entering new markets, TEKLYNX is here to support your company’s labeling needs as you grow with our scalable labeling systems. The best practices in this article, along with other strategies to help your company label better, can be found in TEKLYNX’ Best Practices for Barcode Labeling eBook. By following the best practices of utilizing multi-user network licenses, printing documents and labels from the same location, and staying up to date, your company will be better prepared for future success by planning for the future of your labeling process.

Originally appeared on The Human Readable Blog, by TEKLYNX

Travis Wayne
Product Manager at TEKLYNX

Travis applies his 20+ years of IT and health sciences experience to empower businesses to streamline operations and barcode better by applying software and technology. He works to continually improve TEKLYNX’ strategic planning, product and project management principles, and cross-functional communications. When not working, he enjoys many outdoor activities with his wife and two children.

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