Full-page Tattoo Stencil Printer with USB-C® Connectivity

SKU: PJ-823-C129

Use this easy, lightweight printer to print detailed 300dpi designs right to full-page stencil paper from printing software on your PC. Its space-saving design is perfect for traveling artists or mounted to a tattoo workstation without the need for messy inks or toners.

Tattoo Artist Loading Paper in S8 Stencil Printer

Real Features

  • Print designs on full-page stencil paper at up to 13.5 pages per minute print speed.
  • Upgraded software designed for tattoo artists, making for an easier-than-ever print.
  • Communicate and charge power easily with a single USB Type-C® cable.
  • Windows®, MacOS®, and Linux (via USB) OS compatibility.
  • High-resolution 300dpi thermal print technology for top quality.
  • Includes printer, S8 Red Thermal paper, S8 Red Transfer Gel, S8 Tattoo Gel, S8 Needle Cleaner, Red Soap, USB cable, and US power cord.
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