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Questions about the battery, how to load the paper, or how to connect your printer to your device? Our experts are here to guide you to get you set up and ready to print.

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Download the latest drivers, manuals, specs, and more. Visit our support page for a variety of easy-to-follow user and software guides.


Whether you have the perforated roll paper or single sheet, watch our experts show you how to load paper for flawless mobile printing

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  • Paper should always be loaded face up with the black mark to the left of the printer near the printer’s lights.
  • If your selected paper does not have a black mark, make sure the shinier side is face down.
  • The side with the thermal coating should be faced up, if you are unsure which side has the coating, scratch both
    sides with a fingernail, and whichever side leaves a black mark should be the side that is face down.

Bluetooth® pairing codes are the last 4 digits of the printer’s serial number which can be found on the bottom side of the printer or under battery.

Wi-Fi® pairing code will be the first 3 digits of the model number, followed by the last 5 digits of the printer’s serial number. (For instance, with the PJ773 model with a S/N of 12345 the code would 77312345).

Be sure to visit our video tutorial page to watch step-by-step instructions on how to connect to your printer.

If you are experiencing this problem, find the answer here

If you are trying to print to stencil paper, follow these steps.


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