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Let our industrial labeling experts walk you through the ins & outs of our handheld labelers.

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How to Use Printer Functions

Learn all the best ways to put your P-touch EDGE handheld printer to work with these step-by-step how to videos.

How to Print Cable Wraps

Step by step guide to create wraps for your cable size with the cable wrap feature.

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How to Print from a Stored Database

Use a database you stored on the printer to create labels with your existing data.

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How to Use the Patch Panel Ruler

Measure a patch panel with the included ruler and input spacing in the printer.

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How to Print Cable Flags

How to print cable flags based on your desired flag length and orientation.

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How to Print a Faceplate Label

Generate a faceplate label based on the desi window and number of ports.

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How to Print a Punch Block Label

See how easy it is to create a punch block label with just the right spacing.

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P-touch EDGE Handheld labeler showing how to perform the serialize function

How to Serialize (Basic)

Serialize a sequential range of labels based on a number or character.

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How to Serialize (Advanced)

Serialize two factors of data at the same time with simultaneous serialization.

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How to Serialize (Simultaneous)

Serialize a second set of characters after a range of first character serialization.

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How to Change Label Fonts & Styles

Change the font style and size of your label characters in a few simple steps.

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How to Print Multiple Labels

Learn how to print multiple copies of the same label at the same time.

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