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WESTMINSTER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc. (BMS) and Fluke Networks recently introduced the LabelLink™ mobile application which integrates Fluke’s LinkWare™ Live API with Brother’s P-touch EDGE PT-E550W industrial label printer. This market-first solution is engineered to help meet the ongoing challenge for integrators and field installation contractors. System designers and installers have struggled to navigate multiple and disparate installed project databases, on multiple tools, including testing devices. The new solution enables system designers to centralize project data to be accessed wirelessly by labeling and testing devices – a significant technical development that can cut costs and increase the quality and efficiency of cabling projects.

LabelLink enables installers to access a single centralized LinkWare Live data file where unique identifiers for network cables and components can be stored then downloaded wirelessly to Brother PT-E550W labelers or Fluke Versiv testers at the jobsite. The solution is designed to increase workflow efficiency and accuracy in the cable labeling phase and in testing and validation of the installed system.

By tapping into cloud-based data storage, contractors can now meet multiple project needs for cable identification by entering data only once. This saves time and minimizes errors for onsite workers and technicians responsible for installing, labeling, testing, certifying and documenting the finished installation.

Here is a snapshot of how LabelLink works:

  • In the office, the project manager or system designer uses CAD to plan the network infrastructure, and then uploads cable ID and component identifiers to LinkWare Live, Fluke Networks Cabling Certification tester and report management application. Information about the types of tests and their configuration are set up for each cable.
  • Contractor downloads and installs free LabelLink app.
  • On the jobsite, the contractor downloads label identifiers from LinkWare Live to their smartphone via the Brother LabelLink app – then transfers database with identifiers directly to Brother P-touch EDGE® PT-E550W industrial labeling tool to create and print high-quality laminated labels.
  • On the jobsite, the contractor also downloads the same identifiers and test settings into the Fluke Networks Versiv™ Cabling Certification System to perform tests, and can upload testing results for each identifier using LinkWare Live.

This means that the cable identifiers and test results for each project can be stored in one place and can be retrieved and used as often as needed. Preview the video at

The LabelLink app leverages advanced technologies and tools from two industry-leading companies to automate multiple workflow processes. The solution not only ensures accuracy and consistency of the network labeling scheme as designed and built, but also provides the foundation for an effective cable management program going forward.

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