Brother Mobile Solutions has long partnered with Omnitracs in the transportation space, with development and engineering teams from both companies working together seamlessly to deliver solutions tailored to the specific needs of its mobile customers. Now, this strategic partnership has elevated mobile printing even higher with the advent of the recent certification of Brother’s PocketJet® 7 Series and RuggedJet® 4 Series printers for use in support of Omnitracs’ Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG). With this certification comes the ability for drivers to print all their documents, labels, tickets, receipts and more directly from the Omnitracs messaging or media manager application using Brother’s PocketJet and RuggedJet printers.

A Dynamic Duo for In-Cab Printing Anywhere the Route Requires

Omnitracs’ IVG platform provides innovative new applications designed to help both long haul and oil and gas fleets effectively manage their transport and logistics operations. The platform supports a portfolio of best-in-class applications that facilitate regulatory compliance, enhance fleet communications, and automate time-consuming paperwork. Key applications include ELD-compliant Hours of Service (HOS) logs, Vehicle Inspection Reporting, Driver Workflow tools, Omnitracs Navigation, and Weigh Station Bypass.

Integral to Omnitracs IVG platform, Brother’s road-tested, versatile, and reliable mobile printers give drivers the ability to quickly and easily print a range of important documents right from the cab, saving time and money while avoiding delays on the road.

The Brother PocketJet is the perfect solution for drivers to print high-resolution, full-page documents such as bills of lading, permits, border crossing regulations, delivery instructions, driver HOS logs, workflow logs, permits, manifests, bills of lading, incident reports, detailed invoices, and logs from the Omnitracs Media Manager.

And Brother RuggedJet handheld mobile printers are used to generate smaller documents up to four inches wide in just seconds – ideal for printing order tickets, load assignments, fuel and goods delivery receipts, safety cards, shipping labels, and equipment labels right from the Omnitracs Messaging or Media Manager application.

Both the PocketJet and RuggedJet series offer Brother’s renowned reliability as well as the latest in Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, Windows®, iOS®, and Android compatibility. And Brother supports its printers with a complete line of Brother Premium thermal media, custom labels, tags, and tickets to fit a host of industrial applications.

Together, Omnitracs and Brother are transforming the transportation industry. With the pairing of their innovative technologies, Brother and Omnitracs demonstrate the highest level of commitment to mobile printing freedom for our customers on the road.

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