A Q&A with Ravi Panjwani, VP of Marketing and Product Management

Law enforcement professionals and departments everywhere are looking to the promise of technology and big data to drive efficiency, reduce paperwork, and make better decisions. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Today’s mobile printing solutions play a critical role in making that promise a reality.

The new RuggedJet 4200 Series of mobile printers from Brother increases operational efficiency and professionalism for law enforcement by enabling officers to produce citations, parking violations, and evidence labels quickly and accurately when and where needed. These ultra-compact and ergonomic printers equip law enforcement agencies and field officers to save time and ensure accuracy on paperwork so they can keep doing what they do best: serve and protect.

Get answers to your top questions about this breakthrough mobile print solution, and find out why the RuggedJet 4200 is a uniquely competitive option for today’s law enforcement and public safety professionals.

Q. How does the RuggedJet 4200 integrate with eCitation solutions to deliver higher efficiency, better accuracy, and enhanced safety?


Public safety officers can quickly and easily create and submit tickets electronically using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and an eCitation solution. They can then print out tickets on the spot with the RuggedJet 4200.

The printer’s time-saving mobile technology boosts safety by reducing traffic stop duration. It also improves accuracy by eliminating illegible handwriting and error-prone manual data entry.

Q. Which features distinguish the RuggedJet 4200 Series from other mobile printers?


The MFi-certified RuggedJet 4200 printers might be small by design, but when it comes to features and functionality, they go big.

Advancements include a more compact, ergonomic size, faster printing speeds (up to 5ips), industry-leading battery life with a smart Li-ion battery, industrial-grade buttons, enhanced drop protection, active docking, advanced SDKs for easy integration, and the new Mobile Deploy device management app.

The RuggedJet 4200 also delivers NFC capacity for easy device pairing and AirPrint technology that allows officers to print directly from mobile devices without downloading or installing drivers. And with an exclusive Brother 2-year Premier Warranty, the RuggedJet 4200 comes with the best performance guarantee and protection available.


    Top Public Safety Applications

    Use the RuggedJet 4200 to print:

    • Electronic citations
    • Parking violations
    • Accident/crime scene information
    • Shipping labels
    • Emergency instructions
    • Evidence labels
    • Inspection reports
    • Warning notices
    • Violation notices

    Q. Why is the RuggedJet 4200 Series so popular with public safety officers?


    The printer is ideal for public safety applications, thanks to some handy accessories. The innovative vehicle docking station enables officers to dock and mount the printer, and provides pass through USB power. The docking station also conveniently charges the battery.

    Plus, busy officers value the battery charger with the status LED, along with the smart, high-capacity battery that displays battery life status and provides low-battery alerts.

    Finally, the compact, space-saving design of the RuggedJet 4200 printer is ideal for officers who need to carry the device for long periods or fit it to a vehicle or motorcycle.

    Q. Why is the new cloud-based Mobile Deploy software from Brother a game-changer?


    The custom-developed, cloud-based Mobile Deploy device management app is another market first from Brother. It’s included free with all models and helps enable simple and easy mobile deployment, integration, and upgrades. In addition to supporting faster, less costly deployment, Mobile Deploy helps deliver improved ROI by allowing a centralized IT or operations rep to remotely manage device updates for one or many operators in the field.

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