A Q&A with Ravi Panjwani, VP of Marketing and Product Management

Successful food and beverage distribution companies use automated route accounting technology to manage the distribution of their products, save time in the field, and improve overall business operations. Mobile printing is a critical part of the modern route accounting and direct store delivery (DSD) toolkit – allowing drivers to quickly and accurately produce invoices, receipts, and other documents in the field and drastically reduce downtime.

The new RuggedJet 4200 Series of mobile printers from Brother exceeds the reliability and performance needs of pre-sales agents and route drivers alike – helping them work faster and smarter from order to delivery.

Get answers to your top questions about this breakthrough mobile print solution, and find out why the RuggedJet 4200 is a uniquely competitive option for today’s route accounting and DSD professionals.

Q. How does the RuggedJet 4200 integrate with route accounting solutions to help food and beverage distributors boost driver efficiency and productivity?


Pairing the RuggedJet mobile printer with an iPhone or Android device and road-tested route accounting software delivers huge efficiencies with route drivers, who report that they are saving up to 60 minutes per day on deliveries. For companies with hundreds of daily routes, that adds up to measurable ROI.

So, you can image how pleased we are to introduce the new RuggedJet 4200 Series. This next-generation series of mobile printers from Brother has been engineered to provide even greater driver satisfaction and operational efficiencies – both in the field and at the enterprise level – with market-leading durability, battery life, wearability, and in-field configuration and integration.

Q. Which features distinguish the RuggedJet 4200 Series from other mobile printers?


With major improvements in size, performance, ruggedness, connectivity, battery power, and accessories, the MFi-certified, compact RuggedJet 4200 printers deliver big on features and functionality.

Other advantages include faster printing speeds (up to 5ips), longer battery life, a real-time battery status indicator, industrial-grade buttons, and an enhanced label and receipt load-secure-refill design. This model was engineered to impress drivers in even the toughest route environments.

There’s also a powered docking station with pass-through USB, NFC capacity for easy device pairing, and AirPrint technology that allows users to print directly from smartphones without downloading or installing drivers.

Q. How does it improve the customer experience and promote customer loyalty?


The RuggedJet 4200 gives drivers a more efficient approach to product deliveries that saves valuable time for customers and helps increase their satisfaction. From technology advancements that make it faster to connect then customize and print delivery receipts, to convenience features that make it easy to dock, charge, and carry the device – every advancement was designed to better serve delivery drivers and their customers.


    Top Route and DSD Applications

    Use the RuggedJet 4200 to print:

    • Delivery receipts
    • Customer invoices
    • Returned goods receipts and labels
    • Sales orders and confirmations
    • Sales order history
    • Product promotions

    Q. Why is the new cloud-based Mobile Deploy software from Brother a game-changer?


    The custom-developed, cloud-based Mobile Deploy device management app is another market first from Brother. It’s included free with all models and helps enable simple and easy mobile deployment, integration, and upgrades. In addition to supporting faster, less costly deployment, Mobile Deploy helps deliver improved ROI by allowing a centralized IT or operations rep to remotely manage device updates for one or many operators in the field.

    Q. How does the RuggedJet 4200 support business growth and innovation?


    Reliable on-demand printing streamlines existing delivery processes and improves cash flow, which makes current customers happy and lays the groundwork for more business.

    These next-gen printers also open the door to forward-thinking ways food and beverage distributors can better serve customers.

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