Within the past two decades, the tattoo industry has exploded. Body art that was once exclusive to underground and fringe crowds is now regarded as a form of self-expression. Meanwhile, people getting tattoos are known as “collectors” of art – becoming part of a now mainstream culture embracing tattoos as a true art form.

According to IBIS World, the booming tattoo industry is experiencing a 13 percent annual growth rate. Fueled by millennial adoption and celebrity popularity, it’s an industry with the potential for over $1.5 billion in annual revenue, with growth predicted to accelerate in the next few years.

Much of this growth is due to the increasing adoption of technology to help with clean designs and better productivity, particularly among highly trained tattoo artists and younger artists in the industry.

Welcome to the digital age of tattooing

In this age of technology (and mobility), more and more tattoo artists are leveraging the ability to create and print tattoo stencils digitally, right from their mobile devices or laptops. And it’s easy to see why. There are many benefits to “going digital,” both from the “collector” and artist point of view. For the collector, seeing the printed design helps them visualize what the tattoo will look like on their body and avoid tattoo remorse. As for artists, printed stencils ensure greater clarity of design while also allowing them to save designs to the cloud for future marketing. And more importantly, clean, detailed, high-res stencils – printed quickly and easily from almost any device – help artists shave significant time off the total tattooing process so they can design more and do more every single day.

We’re no stranger to the stencil printing market

For Brother, our success in the stencil printing market began at a conference in Europe a few years ago – when a select group of tech-savvy tattoo artists picked up the Brother PocketJet printer to take a stab at printing on Spirit stencil paper. At the time, the thermal printing technology didn’t always work well with multi-ply stencils and intricate tattoo designs to render consistent stencils for the artists. But the experiment showed promise…

Brother Mobile Solutions teams up with S8 Tattoo

In an effort to improve the experience and quality of the printed stencil, Brother Mobile Solutions teamed up with S8 Tattoo, a partner of the company that pioneered the popular Spirit stencil paper: Colonial Converting. We devised a version of the PocketJet printer that works specifically with both S8 and Spirit thermal stencil papers on the market.

The result? Our revolutionary, preconfigured S8 Stencil Printer is uniquely positioned to meet the print requirements of these leading stencil papers – featuring special firmware and software settings designed with artists’ needs in mind. And with input from S8 and numerous tattoo artists, we were able to refine and enhance the printer over time, we’ve helped artists print and tattoo with increasing levels of detail. With the S8 Stencil Printer, they can now handle heavy contrast zones and dense spaces, eliminate common paper jamming, increase consistency of colorant in dark areas, and improve gradient printing capabilities on each and every print.

An essential tool for any tattoo artist

Since that initial conference in Europe that launched our journey into the tattoo market, the S8 Stencil Printer by Brother has become a must-have technology for today’s diverse tattoo pros, from mom-and-pop tattoo parlors to traveling artists. With the mobile S8 Stencil Printer from Brother, artists can now take their art virtually anywhere – from the shop, conventions, and special events to guest spots, celebrity homes, and more.

This remarkably lightweight yet powerful printer comes with USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth® connectivity, pairs easily with virtually any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, and works across Android and iOS platforms. Artists can print complex, crisp designs in seconds, plus get the most out of their stencil paper by printing multiple designs per sheet. And with its compact design and a battery that lasts for days, the S8 Stencil Printer provides easy, extended, and portable use at the shop or on the road.

For truer art, faster stencils, and smarter business, trust the S8 Stencil Printer from Brother.

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