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We’ve certainly got plenty to celebrate in 2018 at Brother Mobile Solutions. This year marks Brother Mobile’s 10th year of innovative business operations – and the 110th anniversary of the founding of our parent company, Brother Industries, Ltd. I think Brother’s 110th anniversary theme – “Embrace the past. Create the future.” – says it all and says it well.

Constantly anticipating and responding to new challenges in a technology-fueled business environment, Brother grew from a company providing sewing machine repair services into a diversified global enterprise with a product portfolio ranging from printers and all-in-ones to industrial equipment. At Brother Mobile Solutions, we’re proud of our contribution to the company’s success through our role as an “intrapreneur” – an entrepreneurial company within the company that propels innovation and growth.

At the time of our acquisition, we had three people, a single product, and a few customers. Today, we’re on track to be three and a half times larger, with more than 40 people and a comprehensive mobile printing and labeling portfolio serving mobile workforces in retail, field services, public safety, route accounting and delivery, healthcare, transportation, and industrial.

From the get-go, Brother expected us to serve as an example for developing, implementing, and scaling higher-growth business strategies. We’ve taken our innovation mandate seriously, extending it not only to products and solutions but also to the way we market, take care of customers, and handle tech integration and support.

We recognize that the infrastructure support Brother has provided us – from human resources to legal and accounting – has been a key ingredient to our success. Other invaluable drivers include:


We intentionally recruit people with a discovery mindset, plenty of patience, and abundant persistence. We understand just how challenging it can be to go toe-to-toe with sizable competitors.

Institutionalizing innovation.

You need to constantly look for sources of differentiation and new ideas to keep moving and growing. We have frequently taken first chair position in defining what our engineers develop, based on market research. We go to market from a value proposition perspective – not a product/feature perspective. Our new website provides a terrific example of this philosophy, focusing on how we solve key challenges for customers in a broad range of vertical markets.

Team orientation.

To be competitive, we recognize we have to work together. If there’s a crisis or a tough problem to solve, we rally around getting those things done. I think that’s a unique organizational differentiator for us.

Data analytics.

We rely on data to support our proof of concept. We need the ability to say, “Here’s the evidence that proves this is or isn’t a good product for us.” We follow a highly deliberate and dynamic planning, evaluation, and management process for each element of our portfolio, which forces us to discontinue some solutions while adding others to address new or emerging markets.

Over the past decade, we’ve been laser-focused on delivering high growth. In the next decade and beyond, our goal is to create a strong future by scaling this growth enterprise-wide. The sky’s the limit with Brother Mobile’s energetic commitment to an innovation culture that makes it possible to recognize and embrace opportunity.
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