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The Last Mile in the Aisle: How to Take Inventory from Strategy to Sale

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Ravi Panjwani
Ravi Panjwani
Vice President

How on-demand barcode labeling supports fluid pricing strategies

Retail operations are changing, and retailers need to update their pricing strategies to keep up. A drastic shift in consumer demands and expectations — primarily fueled by online shopping practices — has forced many retailers to shift their business strategies. There’s a rush to implement fluid pricing strategies and become more price-agile to move inventory faster. But this strategy can fall apart on the store floor without support from the right processes and technologies.

So, how can business owners ensure that their carefully planned strategies make it to “the last mile of the aisle” and secure a sale? They can start small and with smart tools like mobile, highly connected, and extremely compact barcode label printers. These versatile little workhorses are built to support quick-change pricing and markdown strategies, all while helping create a better experience for employees and customers alike.

4 benefits of using Brother mobile barcode labelers on the store floor:

retail employee printing price shelf label form the RuggedJet 3200

1. Generate up-to-the-minute product and shelf-edge labels and tags with ease

Clear, accurate labels are already a must-have in any retail environment. Now, they’re especially important in supporting fluid, rapidly changing pricing strategies. This means that markdowns and sale items can be clearly marked and labeled “up-to-the-minute” and right on the store floor to keep price-sensitive and deal-savvy customers coming back. To support this on-the-go pricing, associates should be equipped with everything they need to create consistent and clear barcode labels at any given moment. Additionally, on-demand mobile label printing allows your associates to spend more time interacting with customers, and less time managing print jobs in the back office or warehouse. Plus, you have the peace of mind that your inventory will always be clearly marked and moving at the right price points.

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2. Organize omnichannel with online order, pickup and delivery labels, and queue-busting receipts

Retail analysts indicate that a majority of consumer spending is from online shopping, and this trend will only increase for the foreseeable future. Retail businesses must support online orders, in-store pickup, and delivery to keep up with demand, all while delivering a frictionless customer experience. On-demand barcode labels ensure that the right product is heading out with the right customer and that shoppers are getting the most up-to-date deals on their items.

And because today’s shoppers expect quick in-and-out transactions for many of their in-store purchases, waiting in lines is no longer acceptable. You can meet this need with queue-busting receipts and quick check-out processes that keep your customers — and inventory — moving quickly.

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Retail employee scanning SKU barcode sheet

3. Quickly train new and existing workers with easy-to-use technology

The labor shortage means that many retail stores are focusing almost as much on the employee experience as the customer experience. Your associates need technology that is interesting, simple to use, and hassle-free experience so they can focus on their jobs. Finding the right technology partner and solution suite can even cut down on employee training time so that new associates can get to work even faster after onboarding. And, the right technology can allow your associates to do more work with fewer workers. Look for barcode labeling solutions that are intuitive to use and dependable, even after continual use by multiple associates throughout the day.

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4. Rely on better connectivity – in front and back of store

Even the best strategy can come to a screeching — and costly — halt from difficulties due to poor tools or inefficient processes. To avoid, this, rely on effective barcode labeling solutions that automatically integrate with common retail software programs or come with bundled solutions to help you address multiple needs within a single solution. Additionally, reliable Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity are crucial to ensuring that associates have consistent access to labeling functionality wherever they are in the store, regardless of what tools they use (mobile phone, tablet, etc.). Seamless, connected teams and solutions can go a long way in enabling your business and pricing strategy across the store.

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Whatever your business or pricing strategy, one thing is true: keeping inventory moving is key. The good news is that today’s smarter, smaller, highly connected barcode labelling solutions help ensure that everything stays moving according to plan — from the back warehouse to “the last mile of the aisle.”

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