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Brother’s New ISV Partner Program to Drive Mobile Technology Innovations

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In early 2018, Brother Mobile Solutions launched a revolutionary ‘Access ISV’ Partner Program as a key part of our exclusive THE NEXT Partner Program. The new program was designed to help growth-minded Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) bring innovative turnkey mobile apps to targeted vertical markets – and help them include the often-overlooked mobile printing element in their solution offering.

Mobility is exploding on a global scale. At home, at work and at leisure, we’ve witnessed the astonishing growth of mobile businesses and the mobile workforce across the globe. Consumers, business owners and workers are demanding speed, flexibility and convenience in virtually every facet of what they do. Think click-and-collect grocery shopping, on-the-spot quoting from your landscaping contractor or scheduling a professional pest control treatment for your business or residence.

Innovation Nation: ISVs Are Leading the Way

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to mobile technology. We believe the emerging ISV community is leading the race, with smart, nimble software developers competing to create tomorrow’s mobile apps and software solutions. One quick example: our Brother Mobile App Hackathon in Southern California in late March attracted 95 attendees ‒ 19 teams submitted apps and a half-dozen teams won cash awards for creativity and commercialization potential of what was invented. There’s a lot of untapped ISV and developer talent out there. For Brother, building a strong ISV channel plus community-building activities like the Hackathon drives developing the best and most innovative mobile apps in the industries that we serve. We believe it is mission-critical to our continued growth and success.

ISVs in our target markets can look to Brother as an ideal partner. With decades of leadership and experience in mobile technology and applications – we got this. We provide award-winning mobile printing products and can help apply our experience to the ISV development process in many markets ‒ field service, food and beverage logistics and distribution, transportation, retail, public safety, healthcare and industrial telecom/datacom.

In addition, Brother provides qualified Access ISV partners with high levels of support and services, ranging from software development funding, development design and engineering, marketing support, simplified mobile printer integration, and much more.

Partnering with Brother Mobile Solutions can prove especially valuable for small and midsize ISVs seeking user-friendly features, greater marketplace visibility, and full access to a wide range of top-notch mobile printing products and accessories.

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