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Part 3: Improving Home Healthcare Provider Productivity While Delivering Value

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Dave Crist
Dave Crist

Ensuring Compliance and Driving Efficiency

As home healthcare agencies and providers look for ways to deliver top-quality care and comply with new CMS rules on written care plans, a number of options lie before them—including new mobile technologies that help clinicians give patients and families clearer plans for recovery than ever before.

Physically printing care information presents the most practical and optimal means of addressing new CMS rules, meeting patient needs, and avoiding potential errors and confusion. With that said, clinicians know that extra time spent on trips to the office printer and post office stops, plus the risk of outdated information once it gets to patients, can pose threats to productivity and patient safety.

By leveraging today’s compact, durable mobile printers, practitioners can benefit from quick, easy, and accurate printing at the point of care—helping them better serve patients while also adhering to CMS compliance standards. And with increased efficiencies from on-the-spot printing, providers can spend less time driving and doing paperwork and more time visiting, serving, and billing patients—helping ramp up productivity, enhance business value, and improve overall care.

VIDEO: Dave Crist on the Urgent Need for Mobile Printing in Home Healthcare (Parts 5 & 6)

What to Look For in a Mobile Printer

For mobile printers to truly deliver on the promise of productivity, they must offer a number of features for on-the-go home health practitioners:

  • The right fit – small, lightweight design that easily fit within caregivers’ existing toolkits
  • Outstanding durability – to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and travel
  • Ease of implementation – intuitive functionality that makes providers’ jobs easier
  • Plug and play capability – able to connect and work with tablets, phones, and PCs right out of the box

Get a full picture of how modern home healthcare agencies can comply with CMS standards, provide exceptional patient care, and maintain healthy bottom lines using mobile print solutions.

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Part 1: CMS Ruling – What It Means for Home Healthcare

With recently issued Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoP) from the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), agencies and providers must confront new compliance standards while continuing to deliver uncompromised care. Discover the potential benefits that come with these new industry requirements.

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Part 2: Elevating the Patient Experience and Facilitating Team Care

Today’s home healthcare industry continues to grow and evolve—becoming an increasingly dynamic environment for patients, families, and providers. Find clarity in the fog of patient care and help enable better coordination among providers with on-demand printing of care plans and instructions.

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