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Partners in Crime: Brother RuggedJet Mobile Printers paired with Visionations CrimePad Help Streamline Evidence labeling

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Greg O'Connell
Greg O'Connell
Vice President, Enterprise Sales

For crime scene investigators, every detail of a criminal investigation is crucial to reaching a favorable outcome. But tagging, logging, and labeling each piece of evidence can be a daunting task. Together, Visionations CrimePad® and Brother mobile printers deliver a solution to drive efficiency and accuracy for on-scene evidence collection.

On-scene Case Management

CrimePad is the first professional-grade app to bring the power of modern mobile technology to the crime scene. The on-scene case management solution offers the ability to be 100% paperless while ensuring a centralized place to collect and store data for all cases and scenes. With CrimePad, investigators can log evidence, sketches, interviews, and photos from essentially any mobile device in any location – populated or remote – and share that information in real time among key members of the investigation.

Evidence Labeling

Every crime scene can require hundreds of pieces of evidence, each needing to be tagged and recorded – requiring hours of manual transcription. Now, with Brother mobile printers and the CrimePad app, investigators can easily log evidence and print as many labels as needed right at the crime scene. Elimination of handwritten labels helps increase accuracy and legibility while improving efficiency, helping agencies save time and money. And, with the added ability to include barcodes, evidence is able to be linked with other pieces of evidence.

RuggedJet Mobile Thermal Printers — The Preferred Choice

Because RuggedJet mobile printers are designed to handle challenging environments, they have become the preferred evidence labeling tool for dozens of agencies throughout the country. Durable and reliable in both hot and cold environments, RuggedJet connects via Wi-Fi, USB, or Bluetooth®, enabling quick, reliable wireless printing even in the most remote areas. Now, crime scene investigators can print labels between one and four inches wide on demand from handheld or laptop devices equipped with the CrimePad app. And, because RuggedJet uses thermal printer technology, printing is more reliable in all environments, labels last longer, and supplies are more cost-effective than their ink jet counterparts.

About CrimePad by Visionations

Headquarted in Denver, Colorado, CrimePad by Visionations is a sophisticated case management tool for single or multiple crimes. Efficiently record, maintain, and track all aspects of the crime scene, including access times and locations, photo evidence log, notes, sketches, photos, interviews, and evidence preservation, processing and collection, and requested forensic testing.

CrimePad’s multi-platform, multi-device solution makes it easy to access data from any computer or device at any time. CrimePad is compatible with iOS®, Android, and Windows® applications. For more information, visit

All trademarks and registered trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective companies. CrimePad is a Visionations product and Brother International Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding such product.

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