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Are Your Parking Operations “On-the-Go-Ready?”

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Nick D'Alessio
Nick D'Alessio
Senior Manager, Business Development

Introducing the new pocket-sized, easy-to-pair RuggedJet Go series – a natural fit for parking management applications

In today’s ever-changing environment, businesses need the right tools that can scale for the job. And for parking management services, events and sports venues, and theme parks, an increased focus on excellent customer service is critical no matter the situation. These venues need to be prepared to serve the customer when, where and how they demand.

To help meet this need, we’ve introduced the RuggedJet Go Series of mobile receipt printers. This innovative line enhances the point-of-service experience with affordable and compact functionalities that help businesses with paid parking infrastructure in a number of ways.

The new RuggedJet Go Series includes the RJ-2035B/2055WB and RJ-3035B/3055WB models that deliver MFi, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® connectivity options to support almost any printing application where needed and on-the-go.

Save time and integrate easily

When implementing mobile printing solutions to support parking management applications, the question of integrating with current devices and software shouldn’t be a difficult one to address. With a complete software suite of utilities, design, development and integration tools, the RuggedJet Go Series is compatible with most devices for easy integration.

Go anywhere and know your technology investment is protected

RuggedJet Go Series printers are compact and small enough for parking management personnel to carry in a pocket without sacrificing performance—and the lithium-ion battery lasts all day. All printers are constructed to withstand the daily bump and bruises of the parking environment, and direct thermal printing technology uses fewer moving parts than other printing technologies to boost reliability.

In addition, your technology investment is protected with one of the industry’s most comprehensive out of the box limited warranty and extended warranty programs. The series comes standard with an industry leading two-year premier limited warranty with optional and affordable annual limited warranty extensions for up to five years.

Adapt while sticking to your budget

In today’s uncertain times and while adapting to the ‘new normal,’ there is a need across the industry for cost effective solutions that enable serving customers efficiently and quickly. The RuggedJet go answers the call by providing incredible value, top performance, and an ‘everything in one box’ solution including the battery, belt clip and power supply for charging.

Flexible options for acquiring the right technology

One of the best ways to ensure peak performance is to utilize the most up-to-date software, hardware and devices. However, for many businesses, acquiring the most advanced technology can be a challenge due to cash flow and competing budgetary pressures.

That’s why we’ve rolled out our new ‘Shift & Print’ Subscription Service* for technology acquisition. For businesses striving to serve customers in today’s challenging times, this Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) model is designed to help businesses acquire the state-of-the-art mobile and industrial printing and labeling technology they need to maintain efficient and competitive operations. HaaS can be a perfect fit for parking management officials seeking to implement solutions to improve customer service without a major strain to the bottom line.

With the unveiling of the new RuggedJet Go series, we are delivering a solution specifically designed to help meet the demands of mobile printing for today’s growing number of “on-the-go” businesses.

*Shift & Print Subscription Service is subject to credit approval.

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