Labels and Paper

Labels and Receipt Paper 

Receipt paper by Brother has been fully tested to work with our products. We offer different materials to fit nearly any application requirement or budget. Our quality ensures that your text and image is crisp and readable and has a shelf life that meets your needs.

We can also customize any receipt with pre-printed logos, coupons, and terms and conditions.

Contact a Brother Media Specialist to determine the right paper or label for your need.

Full-page Direct Thermal Paper

We also offer full-page direct thermal paper, fanfold sheets, and paper rolls to work in PocketJet full-page thermal printers. Don’t think fax paper. Our paper comes in various materials to extend the life of the document, including:


Plus, check our latest option for full-page thermal printing:

Fast Dry Paper is ideal for applications such as evidence reports that require ink to dry immediately. Think signatures, stamps, and even fingerprints.

Labels, Tags, and Wristbands

For our desktop and mobile label printers, we offer certified genuine Brother labels, tags, and wristbands in various materials, widths, and adhesives to meet your needs. Our easy-to-use drop-in rolls are ultra-convenient and can be customized with pre-printed ink.

Selecting the right label material for your application can be tricky. Contact a Brother Media Specialist to identify the best solution for your specific application and its environmental attributes, such as moisture, heat, etc.

Custom Solutions for Your Media Supplies

Brother Mobile Solutions offers multi-color flexographic printing, which is a fancy way of saying we can customize your consumable supplies with different materials, pre-printed colors, and adhesives.

Add your full-color logo, watermarks, terms and conditions, coupons and promotions, and more.

Our Brother Media Specialists live and breathe labels. Let us help you design a label or receipt solution to meet your needs.

More About Our Custom Capabilities

Customize your label, tag, or receipt paper—your way. Brother Mobile Solutions offers multi-color flexographic printing. Add a full-color logo, watermark, terms and conditions, and text to the front or back of your receipt paper. Create custom labels, tags, or receipt paper using a wide variety of materials and ink colors.

  • 4 color process (CMYK)
  • 1 to 6 spot colors (PMS color matching)
  • Reverse back-side printing
  • Face and back slits
  • Hole punch, air-eject hang holes
  • Variety of face stocks and adhesives for any application
  • Artwork design


We have media application solutions to meet many industries and application requirements.

  • Field Services
  • Retail
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Route Accounting
  • Public Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Food and Safety