Despite the unique challenges facing our world in 2020, countless people are still tackling age-old diseases including breast cancer. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Brother Mobile Solutions would like to take the time to recognize the countless Breast Cancer survivors and give thanks to an amazing organization that is dedicated to empowering women to reclaim their bodies after mastectomies.

In years past, Brother Mobile Solutions joined forces with the Denver chapter of (Personal Ink) to sponsor Day Denver. This year’s events are postponed but the goal to raise awareness that ink tattoos can provide a creative way for mastectomy surgery survivors to disguise scarring and help them feel more confident with their body image. We’d like to take the opportunity to give a ‘shout-out’ to this organization, and its commitment to helping to provide complimentary tattoos as well as matching tattoo artists with breast cancer survivors.

An Inspiring Grassroot Movement (pronounced “Pea-ink,” short for Personal Ink) began as a grassroots movement in 2013, founded by Noel Franus, and became a program of F*ck Cancer in early 2019 which will allow both F*ck Cancer and Personal Ink to expand the support they offer their communities.

The nationwide non-profit organization is dedicated to working with local leaders in regions across the nation to offer breast cancer survivors free mastectomy tattoos. The tattoo designs are created specifically to cover mastectomy and other breast surgery scars with beautiful and inspirational artwork – helping survivors regain confidence and reclaim their relationship with the mirror. Through education and connection with experienced tattoo artists who can help, the organization ensures breast cancer never has to leave the last mark.

People have marked their bodies with tattoos for thousands of years. Yet with new stencil printing technology, the sky is the limit with design ideas. volunteer tattoo artists across the country have embraced the compact, high-resolution as it plays a role in bringing the artist’s and the survivor’s healing vision to life.

Well-Established Artform Embraces Technology

In an effort to improve the experience and quality of the printed stencil, Brother Mobile Solutions teamed up with S8 Tattoo to enhance the printer setting so that the PocketJet printers works specifically with both S8 and Spirit thermal stencil papers on the market.

Artists can print complex, crisp designs in seconds, plus get the most out of their stencil paper by printing multiple designs per sheet. The lightweight S8 Stencil Printer comes with USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth® connectivity, pairs easily with virtually any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, and works across Android™ and iOS platforms. And with its compact design and a battery that lasts for days, the S8 Stencil Printer provides easy, extended, and portable use at the shop or on the road. artists leave lasting imprints, both physical and emotional, on breast cancer mastectomy survivors that go far deeper than any ordinary tattoo. To learn more about, how you can sign up to help or to locate a participating tattoo artist, visit,

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