Laminate Labeling Tapes

Brother Laminated Tapes… A Preloaded, Secure, and Unique Label Solution

Brother is the only manufacturer to offer a preloaded hassle-free laminated label in a drop-in cartridge design. This means that when you print from our P-touch products using the laminated cartridges, your label with variable data will be printed with a durable laminated coating.

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Choose the Right Tape for the Job, Optimized for Your Printer

laminated tape for mobile printers

HGe Tape

  • For commercial and industrial labeling
  • Designed for faster and higher-resolution P-touch printers
  • 9mm to 36mm
  • Standard Adhesive or Extra Strength
  • Color options listed below
    • Black on Yellow
    • Black on White
    • Black on Clear
laminated tape for mobile printers

TZe Tape

  • For commercial and industrial labeling
  • 6mm to 36mm
  • More tape applications available
    • Flexible ID tapes
    • Standard Adhesive or Extra Strength
    • Tamper evident
    • Cleaning tapes
    • Stencil tapes
  • Wider variety of color options (listed below)
laminated tape for mobile printers

HSe Tube

  • Heat shrink labels
  • High-grade, extra strength adhesive
  • For use on plastic and textured surfaces
  • 5.8mm to 23.6mm
  • Heat shrink tube available for certain models
  • Limited color options (see below)
    • Black on White

TZe Tape Colors

Get durable laminated labels up to 36mm in an easy and secure drop-in cartridge design.

Contact your preferred industrial tape supplier or one of our Brother Sales Representative today.

Extra strength

Black on White

Black on Yellow

Standard strength

Black on Yellow

Black on Orange

White on Blue

White on Red

Black on White

Black on Clear

Adhesive Types

Brother tapes conform to the highest industry standards and have been tested and certified to become a UL-recognized component under the UL-969 standard. Plus, all of our tapes are affordable and come in continuous 8m rolls. That’s a lot more for a lot less than the other guys.

Available types of professional-grade industrial tapes:

  • Flexible ID Tape – ideal for wrapping and flagging wires and cables
  • Extra Strength Adhesive Tape – perfect for rough, textured, and powder-coated surfaces
  • Heat Shrink Tube – the choice for meeting industry requirements
  • Standard Laminated Tape – super for flat, smooth surfaces

Tape Durability

Did we mention durability? By default, laminated labels are going to pass the most rigorous tests. However, Brother took durability a step further by hiring an independent laboratory to conduct durability testing. No surprise…our labels passed the test!

Tape Applications

laminated tape for mobile printers

Cable Wraps/Flags

Ideal for wrapping and flagging wires, fibers, and cables with durable, laminated labels that stay affixed for years.
laminated tape for mobile printers

Heat Shrink Tube

Individual heat shrink tube is designed for the model PT-E300, later E-Series handheld labeling tools, and the PT-P750WVP to mark cables, fiber, and wires.
laminated tape for mobile printers

Rough Textures

It is not uncommon to find environments where the surface is uneven or bumpy, typically found in harsh and outdoor environments. Brother provides label options that remain affixed under both normal and harsh conditions and are specifically designed for use on textured, rough, or uneven surfaces.

Compatible Tapes for P-touch Products

PT-P950/900 (formerly 9700/9800) E100, E300, E500, E550W PT-P750WVP
HGe Tape x x x
TZe Tape x x x
HSe Tube x (All models, except the E100) x


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