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Why the Right Labeling Tool is the Electrical Contractor’s Edge

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Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson
Director of Sales, Industrial Solutions

From commercial and residential builds to industrial construction projects, today’s electrical systems and installations have to withstand tough environmental factors. Extreme temperatures, UV exposure, abrasion, and chemicals can all threaten the clarity and longevity of your wire and cabling labels. But with the right electrical labeling solution, you can ensure the quality, accuracy, and efficiency of your work – today and for years to come.

Here’s what to consider when choosing your electrical labeling tool…

Laminated labels made to last

Since the wires and cables within indoor electrical installations can be subject to excessive heat, it’s important to select the right adhesives so labels don’t loosen, curl, or slide off. Unlike certain tapes that are designed for flat surfaces only, your cable labeling tape should wrap easily and use long-term adhesive to stay in place.

Outdoor electrical systems are at the mercy of even more environmental elements and challenges. With continuous exposure to extreme heat and cold, moisture, wind, and more, handwritten tags fail and ink fades. Your field workers need to be able to assess a situation and act quickly during outages or troubleshooting situations. The solution is to use thermal transfer, laminated labels designed to withstand temperature extremes, UV light, abrasion, grease, water, dirt, and industrial solvents. Labels that will remain in place and clearly readable for many years.

Durable, legible labels not only help you improve labeling accuracy, boost jobsite productivity, and avoid unnecessary downtime. They also provide a critical safety measure for your business – making it easier to create personalized lockout/tagout IDs and reduce costly OSHA violations.

Easy, efficient labelers for the whole crew

Your electrical labels need to be tough. But your labeling tool needs to be simple. When you equip your crew with compact, rugged, easy-to-use handheld thermal printers, you give them what they need to do the job effectively and efficiently.

No more sheets of pre-printed labels that can’t anticipate changing project needs. Industrial handheld labelers like the P-touch EDGE series from Brother let workers print durable, laminated labels on the spot. Using fast-loading drop-in tapes, your crew can produce labels with clear text, symbols, and logos and meet industry standards.

Brother P-touch industrial labelers also include a suite of efficiency-boosting software to transfer database files wirelessly, apply pre-formatted label templates, access data from smartphones and tablets, and more.

Your field workers need to be able to assess a situation and act quickly during outages or troubleshooting situations.

The right (power) tools for productivity & success

To keep up with growing demand today and generate repeat business in years to come, electrical contractors and installers need labels that will stand the test of time – even in harsh environments. With handheld P-touch EDGE labelers from Brother, field workers get the long-lasting, laminated labels they need to elevate every jobsite – all from a smart, simple device that’s surprisingly easy to use. The durability, ease, and affordability of these industrial-grade labeling tools make them well worth the investment for today and for the future.

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